ROH TV 2-16-13

It’s the first show from a new round of TV tapings, and the
last taping from Baltimore for a while, as starting next month ROH will be
doing TV tapings the night after the PPVs in the same arena.

We start off with Veda Scott in the back with TaDarius
Thomas and QT Marshall, who are as bad on the mic as they are in the ring.
Top Prospect
Tournament: QT Marshall vs. TaDarius Thomas:
Who thought this was a good
idea? Yeah, let’s take two of the worst wrestlers on the planet and put them in
the same match. Truth Martini is on commentary as usual for this tourney, and
is just horrible at it. They lock up, Marshall brings Thomas down and smacks
him in the back of the head a few times and poses for the crowd. Another lockup
leads to Marshall getting bitch-slapped in the corner. Thomas charges in,
Marshall tries to crotch him on the top rope but Thomas lands on his feet on
the second rope and backflips over Marshall. Marshall tries to powerbomb Thomas
from the ring to the floor, but Thomas backdrops him to the outside. Thomas
follows him out and ends up getting posted. Back in Marshall drops a couple
elbows, Thomas comes back with the shitty kicks. Neckbreaker by Thomas gets 2,
Marshall gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a powerslam for 2. He tries for
God’s Gift, Thomas holds on to block and hits a dragon suplex to win it at
5:45. *, pretty crappy but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, given how shitty their first match was. The constant
shots of the crowd and the commentators make me think there was a lot of
editing here.
Up next is a rather poorly shot segment of Charlie Hass
beating the shit out of BJ Whitmer and a Hyundai at a car dealership. OK then…
Nick Westgate &
Brian Fury vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander:
I have no idea who
Westgate and Fury are, and it really doesn’t matter in this case, as Rhino runs
in and Gores Coleman for the DQ at 0:59. Barely even a match, so no rating. Steve
Corino comes out and cuts a quick promo but doesn’t say anything notable.
Top Prospect
Tournament: Silas Young vs. Matt Taven:
Martini is on commentary again.
Chain wrestling to start, Taven gets a rana and a legsweep for 2. Young gains
the advantage with a cheap shot and takes over with some stomps. Taven comes
back with a kick that sends Young to the floor, he tries a dive from the apron
but is caught and powerslammed. It gets 2 back in the ring. Young ends up on
the floor again and Taven hits a moonsault from the top. Frog splash by Taven
misses, Young hits a backbreaker and tries to combo that into a clothesline but
Taven ducks it and gets a rollup to finish at 5:47. **, match was fine,
commentary was atrocious.
Inside ROH: We
see clips of Adam Cole attacking Matt Hardy at a house show, the stooges break
it up and Hardy nails Cole with the TV title and walks off with it. Cole cuts a
pretty good promo. “Newsflash Matt: nobody cares about you!” We also see Nigel
McGuiness grant Charlie Haas a shot at the tag team title next week, with the
stipulation that if WGTT loses they can never team in ROH again.
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay
Corino is on commentary for this one. Jacobs bails to the floor as
soon as the bell rings, Lethal follows him out and kicks his ass on the outside.
More brawling back in the ring, Jacobs gets dropped on the bottom rope and
Lethal kicks him in the head from the floor. Jacobs comes back with a
headscissors, he grabs a chair from the crowd and sits Lethal in it, but the
dive from the ring to the floor misses as we go to commercial.
Back from the break we see Jacobs hitting a neckbreaker for
2. More punching and kicking from both guys, Lethal hits a reverse DDT but gets
rolled up for 2 while calling for the Lethal Injection. Lethal Combination for
2, he hits a superkick and goes for the Injection, Jacobs hits a sort of
backbreaker to block it. Sliced Bread #2 by Jacobs gets 2, he tries a top rope
rana but Lethal holds on, Lethal gets a DVD and hits the Macho Man elbow to
finish at 5:35 shown. **, not bad, but was over before it could really get
going. Rhino runs out and sets up for the Gore, Caprice Coleman attacks him but
gets tripped up by Corino and ends up getting Gored. S.C.U.M. gets ready for a
beatdown on Lethal, but Kevin Steen comes out to call them off.
Pretty “meh” show this week. Next week: Briscoes vs. WGTT
and the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament.