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Welcome to This Week in the PTB Podcast!

Episode 197: Survivor Series 1998

In this new episode of the PTB Podcast Vintage Vault, Scott and Justin head to the Windy City for a review of Judgment Day 1998. They talk about the Legion of Doom, Christian, New Age Outlaws, Mankind, Mr. McMahon, Undertaker and much more. So fire up this action packed episode, don your crown and join Scott & Justin for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Episode 198: Headlines

In this all new episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin hit up the headlines in the world of wrestling and sports. They start with a lengthy, detailed breakdown of the weekly TV shows, including Raw, Smackdown, Impact & ROH, before discussing the WWE Network. After doling out their Elimination Chamber predictions, the PICs give out their hearts for Valentine's Day. Following that, they are joined by a series of guests, starting with Jordan Duncan and his half baked wrestling ideas and followed by Kyle Forchetti previewing NFL Free Agency and Jay Ouimette giving a health update and talking about the upcoming tours for 2CW. So join Scott & Justin in firing up the newest action packed episode of the PTB Podcast! Also, we apologize for some of the technical issues early on, but things do steady as the show goes on.

2/19: Survivor Series 1998
2/20: PTB Episode 200 Spectacular

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