BOD Daily Round-Up (2/16/13)

Porn star denies Cena fling (
‘Adult film star Kendra Lust, who was rumored to be having an affair with
WWE star John Cena for a year while he was still married, has denied
the rumor by issuing a statement to’

DX/HOF update (
‘We had reported prior to the announcement of Bruno Sammartino going into
the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden that D-Generation X was the
front-runner to join Mick Foley on top of this year’s class.’

Nash gives fans his thoughts on the Hall situation (

@KayfabeComment – Timeline WWE 1994 with Sean Waltman goes before the cameras tomorrow. Tweets and pix to come from the set.

@AntonioCesaro – “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” –
Ben Franklin. Seems like Americans are working overtime these days

Comment of the Day 
CulturebUlly questions exactly how WWE calculate their attendance:

Well look, there may only be 76,500 seats, but what about the camera
men, the arena staff, the lighting guys, everyone backstage, aren’t they
too technically in attendance? That’s not even to mention the
wrestlers, and people like Big Show and Mark Henry, who count for 10
people each. Mick Foley might be there, he counts for 4 people. Also not
to mention the pregnant women in attendance, their unborn babies count
too. So that brings it up to at least… 77,000?

On This Day…
WWF held In Your Hourse – Final Four. The main event was a 4 way match for the vacant WWF Title between Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Vader, and the Undertaker. (1997)

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