Nash on commentary

So that overrated, *3/4 Punk-Bryan trash got me thinking…

Wouldn't Kevin Nash be awesome on commentary? I'm loving JBL. Surely Kevin Nash, one of the industry's best talkers, would be a solid addition, right? I mean, Vince gave Booker T a shot.

Where are people getting that I didn't like Punk-Bryan?  I gave it ***1/2!
Anyway, Nash did commentary on Nitro for a bit in 99/2000, and he wasn't very good.  He's a funny guy, but I don't think he cares enough about the product to get stuff over or make an effort to get better at it.  As an occasional guest commentator, like in TNA with the Aries run, he's awesome, but as a full-time guy he's a bit of a disaster.