Historic Match of the Day: Buddy Rogers v. Pat O’Connor

I think this is an awesome historical curiosity. A bit dry at points (not unlike that **1/2 submission borefest between Punk and DB), but some good action that still holds up and it’s amazing to see Rogers basically invent the main event heel role that still exists today.

I’m pretty sure I said Punk-Bryan was ***, not **1/2.  And the submission stuff was pretty OK.  Let’s not misquote me here. Anyway, Buddy Rogers is probably the most massively influential guy in wrestling history as far as the modern style of worker goes (ie, Ric Flair and everyone else who copies him in turn, as well as Vince himself being a huge fan and stealing giant chunks of his act), and it’s too bad his career was derailed when it was, because he still could have hung around on top for a long time.