So, we all know about the JBL WWE Title reign and how it all got started because Eddie 'wasn't ready' to carry the belt. What I'm wondering is how the hell did he keep it for so long? They had Kurt Angle right there if they wanted a heel to drop the belt to Cena at WM, even if it did deprive us of Michaels/Angle. Did they let him hold it for so long just because they had no other heels to drop the belt to Cena, or was it because Vince was way too damn high on him at the time?

Vince friggin' loved the JBL character.  I don't think there's any other explanation needed, especially since JBL wasn't capable of putting on matches much better than a midcard guy.  I personally maintain that if they had put the US title on him for a few months first to break the character in, he would have been fine as a main event guy, but the World title was just too much too soon for that character.