BOD Daily Round-Up (2/14/13)

Take Two officially take over at WWE games, and employ members of THQ (
‘Take-Two, and more specifically their 2K Sports line, was the leading
company in line to take over WWE and Yuke’s contracts, and have made
deals to hire former THQ employees responsible for past WWE games.

How much IS WWE paying Bruno for HOF..? (
‘A new interview with Bruno Sammartino has surfaced online, during which
Bruno discusses his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and reveals that in
addition to receiving a ring’

Top TNA star injures quad. Also, dates released for pre-taped TNA PPVs (
‘Still trying to re-hab my quad muscle. Might have a slight tear.
Happened in Table Match last week. Gotta work through the pain.’

@Reymysterio (this one’s so f------ lame, I had to put it in) – TEMPTATION$

@Maffewgregg – Botchamania DOES fear …it’s scared it may have to watch your matches.

Comment of the Day 
Miko363 works out the all important formula for earning yourself a US Title shot on WWE television:

So getting the s--- kicked out of you in consecutive weeks earns you a US Title shot? Got it.

On This Day…
WWF held the one-off St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where Steve Austin would face Vince McMahon in a steel cage match. Vince would take a bump from the cage tailbone first on to the edge of the announce table. (1999)

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