WCW Worldwide 6/12/1993

Taped from only God knows where
Airdate: June 12, 1993
Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Our monthly installment of WCW Worldwide from Classics On Demand features a highly anticipated main event between Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson. Ric Flair and Steve Austin will be barred from ringside. In addition Barry Windham and Maxx Payne will be in action.


Match 1: “Ravishing” Rick Rude versus Dave Dunlap
Rude makes his way to the ring while holding the US heavyweight belt overhead. He forces Gary Michael Cappetta to run down the Southern city where this is being taped which could be anywhere between Waxahachie, Texas and Alachua, Florida. In the meantime he hands the US title to two guys in suits and terrible-looking sunglasses and placed in a Haliburton briefcase. Rude starts the match with forearms across the back of Dunlap followed by a suplex where Rude refuses to fall back with it.
Rude then gives Dunlap the swinging neckbreaker. While making a cover, he rises to his feet and poses instead. A Scorpion deathdrop (reverse DDT) leads to the Rude Awakening for the pin. Again Rude poses while kneeling on Dunlap for the three count. DUD
In our first installment of the WCW Magazine Mike Gilliam Gordon Solie describes World Television Champion “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff’s attempts to maintain his title against Ron Simmons. Orndorff then runs down Simmons by calling him “Rhonda.”
Tony and Jesse are on camera and recap the match last week between 2 Cold Scorpio, Marcus Bagwell, and the Hollywood Blonds. Tony mentions that the Blonds were disqualified because Pillman kneedropped Scorpio in the throat. After the match Arn Anderson and Ric Flair stormed the ring to demolish the Blonds. Jesse then promotes the upcoming Clash of the Champions XXIII with the main event being The Hollywood Blonds versus Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. I truly wish I had that card available for reviewing purposes. Any help would be appreciated. They then promote the Anderson/Pillman match.
Match 2: Big Sky and Vinnie Vegas versus Rob Morgan and TJ Maverick
In case you are not familiar with Big Sky or Vinnie Vegas they are Tyler Mane and Kevin Nash. Incidentally I have seen both recently in movies–most notably Kevin Nash as a bodyguard in Rock of Ages. As Vegas manhandles Morgan we get an interview from “Stunning” Steve Austin. He refers to Ric Flair as an old man. Meanwhile Big Sky tags in and forcibly makes Morgan tag out. As that was going on a wild-haired guy in a Fred Flintstone toga was being escorted from ringside. Huh?
Vegas tags back in and delivers a high impact slam to Maverick . Big Sky tags back in and both giants whip Maverick and give him the double boot to the face. He then gives Maverick a Samoan drop. Vegas tags in and delivers Snakes Eyes for the pin. DUD
Here’s a little trivia for you. This show was broadcast on June 12, 1993. However, on June 6 Nash left WCW to become “Diesel” in the WWF as Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. He appeared on Monday Night RAW on June 7.
At the end of the last segment Schiavone mentions that Jesse will interview Maxx Payne; however, when we return from commercial Tony and Jesse are discussing last week’s report from Catherine White. Why would WWE Classics on Demand remove a Maxx Payne interview and subsequent match with TA McCoy?
Anyways, Catherine White provides a correspondence report supposedly from Cactus Jack’s house. His wife “Collette” can be seen through the screen door and asks (with a Southern accent) “Have you found him?” I don’t know Mrs. Mick Foley, but I don’t think she has a Southern accent. As Collette cries she tells White that her phone has been ringing day and night hoping it’s “Jack.”
White asks Collette if Cactus Jack has amnesia, but Collette describes a split-personality disorder instead. A couple of times she calls out to Dewey like a mother would to a small child. After the interview White questions both the name Dewey and the location Cleveland. This cannot end well. It’s stuff like this that makes me question why I was a WCW fan.
Match 3: NWA Champion Barry Windham versus Tommy Angel
Oh my dear Lord! Jesse asks us to put Cactus Jack’s picture on milk cartons. I’ve heard everything now. They tie up and Windham slams Angel. Another tie-up leads to an Angel dropkick. Tony then drops the bombshell that Paul Roma is the newest Horseman. I’ll give everyone a moment to let their stomach settle…
All better yet? Need some Pepto Bismol? I’ll wait…
You say that everything’s good now? OK. I’ll try not to mention that too often over the next few reviews. No promises though.
Anyways, Windham works Angel’s arm as Tony refers to him as a “lone wolf.” Angel reverses the arm bar but gets slammed immediately. Windham gets the advantage and delivers a vertical suplex to Angel. Jesse can’t let the Cleveland thing go and refers to it as “purgatory.” Windham then gives him the Anderson slam.
As Windham has Angel in a hammerlock Tony mentions that “A Flair for the Gold” will be pre-empted this week due to a press conference detailing “The Masters of the Powerbomb.” This match is so boring that when referee Nick Patrick asks Tommy Angel if he wants to quit I yell a vociferous “YES!” Please put this match out of its misery. Instead Angel fires back, whips Windham off the ropes, and gives him a back elbow followed by a dropkick.
Angel has the NWA Champion reeling until he cross-corner whips Windham and eats boot on a blind charge. Windham cross-corner whips him but gets reversed. He comes out of the corner and delivers a crisp clothesline though. To finish Angel off he drives his head into the mat with a leaping DDT for the pin. DUD
After finally standing on a pedestal Willie B. informs us that Colonel Rob Parker has an announcement to make. Colonel Parker then introduces Harley Race. Race says the announcement will shock the wrestling world. I didn’t know Fred Ottman had already signed with WCW. Oh wait, not THAT shocking announcement.
Regardless, Race introduces WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader who is decked out in a suit and sunglasses. He asks the very partisan crowd: “Who’s the man?” Parker then introduces Sid Vicious who must not be able to afford clothes after purchasing his monthly supply of steroids because he is shirtless. While the partisan crowd chants “powerbomb” Parker announces his gentleman’s agreement with Race to create the “Masters of the Powerbomb.”
Parker states that his team “will dominate the world of professional wrestling.” Also, he has a list of wrestlers he will plan to eliminate from competition. In addition Sting and Davey Boy Smith were sent invitations to this press conference. Race wants to “cut their throats;” however, Parker states that they are “civilized men” and just wants Sting and Smith to retire. Next he mentions that the main event of Beach Blast will feature the “Masters of the Powerbomb” versus Sting and Smith.
In order to help you remember the name of the PPV the crowd chants: “Beach Blast.” He not only informs us that Sting and Smith have been invited to this press conference but also the rest of the competition to “leave the battlefield or get powerbombed.” Race also wants to get rid of Cactus Jack. Parker is handed a note that Sting and Smith will not be attending so Race declares they “have signed their own death warrant.” Since Parker is so insulted he threatens to unleash the “Masters of the Powerbomb!”  A helpful graphic stating “To Be Continued” closes out our mini-movie.
In the second installment of the WCW Magazine Gordon Solie reports that Maxx Payne will face Johnny B. Badd at the Clash this upcoming Thursday. Johnny B. Badd then cuts a promo on Payne saying that he’ll get his Badd Blaster back and “kick his booty with (his) tutti frutti.”
Match 4: “Flyin’” Brian Pillman versus “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson
Anderson makes his way to the ring with 4 fingers held high then slides his thumb against his throat to signal that Pillman is the next victim of the Four Horsemen. A feeling out process begins the match until Pillman uses referee interference to gain the advantage. Pillman whips him off the ropes, lays down so that Anderson can leap over him, but gets stomped instead.
A short rope sequence leads to a back elbow by Pillman. In a clever spot he tries to stomp Anderson in the head; however, Arn catches his foot, whirls him around, and gives him an atomic drop. Next he makes him eat a left hand and retreat. Upon his return they lock up into an Anderson headlock. Pillman backs him into the corner, teases a clean break, and nails him with a back elbow.
Pillman tries to cross-corner whip Anderson but gets reversed. He floats over the charging Anderson and delivers a chop. Following that he rams Anderson’s head into an adjacent turnbuckle then gives him a jawbreaker. Another cross-corner whip by Pillman gets reversed. He tries to float over again but gets caught and dropped on the top rope.
Anderson corrals the scurrying Pillman and catapults him throat-first into the bottom rope. Pillman buys some time and suckers Anderson into an eye poke followed by an eye rake. The classics never go out of style. Next he cross-corner whips Anderson again but gets vaulted over the top rope to the apron. Anderson blocks a punch and nails him sending Pillman face-first into the steel railing.
Anderson follows him to the outside, but Pillman makes him pay with a face full of soda then a clip of the knee. If Jim Ross was calling this match he’d be pleading for a 15 yard penalty. As Anderson writhes in pain we take a commercial break.
When we return Pillman is choking Anderson on the mat. After a snapmare Pillman takes his sweet time going to the second turnbuckle, launches himself, and eats boot. Pillman then gets a double-leg takedown and delivers some right hands. He follows with a belly-to-back suplex. An Anderson comeback is thwarted by some biting. Pillman then whips him off the ropes and gives him another back elbow.
Pillman kicks Anderson’s leg out from under him, works on the knee, and applies a step-over toehold. Anderson breaks with an eye gouge. He whips Pillman off the ropes, puts his head down, and is forced to eat the mat with a face plant. Pillman then performs a poor Ric Flair imitation and locks on the figure four. We get a great camera shot over the shoulder of a ringside photographer. Shortly afterwards Anderson reverses, and the hold is broken.
After an eye poke Pillman heads to the top turnbuckle but gets caught and slammed. After manhandling him in the corner Anderson whips him off the ropes but gets punted after putting his head down too early again. Out of nowhere Anderson gets the spinebuster, but the photographer gets in the ring to break up the pinfall.
Without any doubt said photographer is “Stunning” Steve Austin. As Pillman holds Anderson Austin nails him with the camera. As the Blonds put the beatdown on him Austin takes a quick photo and we’re outta time! **1/2
While some psychology and bad blood were evident in the main event it lacked workrate and a really good story until the end. The only purpose I saw for the match was to set up the Clash main event. In that respect it accomplished its goal but nothing more. The “Masters of the Powerbomb” mini-movie while innovative is a far cry from the “paid announcements by the New World Order” three years later. While it helps in the promotion of the next WCW PPV Beach Blast it appeared hokey and overdone.
The Barry Windham that wrestled in 1993 was definitely not the same wrestler as the Barry Windham from the ‘80s. His matches became slow, plodding, and boring. Fortunately his days as NWA champion are numbered. The Cactus Jack soap opera continues to a poor reaction. The last appearance of Kevin Nash in WCW until 1996 was nothing more than an answer to a trivia question. Incidentally he definitely gained more muscle as the Diesel character gained steam in the WWF.
Unless the Payne interview and match were so atrocious they certainly didn’t warrant exclusion from this show. I can bet it had nothing to do with Benoit as he was not seen anywhere near the Payne-Badd feud. Regardless, Clash of the Champions XXIII is coming up. Again I ask my beloved readers for the opportunity to recap it because I do not have the event on tape and am unable to locate a complete video online.
Stay tuned to more WCW Worldwide reviews from your resident Rock Star in the coming weeks!

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