Jack Swagger

You've mentioned before that Jack Swagger came back as the same stale product he's always been.  I've asked my friends about it, and our current theory is that Swagger is still the same boring heel because Vince is using him as some sort of petty grudge against Kurt Angle.  Given that Swagger as a face could easily get over (an "On Your Knees" chant would be fun), I can't think of a better reason.  You?


I think that being Canadian, I'm missing out on 90% of the cultural relevance with this new Swagger character because I don't really get what they're going for at all.  Is the Zeb thing supposed to be referencing some specific person or persons?  Is this an ideology that Vince agrees with or disagrees with?  It just feels like they're trying to tap into some zeitgeist thing that I'm totally not getting. But then I feel the same way with football references, so maybe it's just me.