BOD Daily Round-Up (2/12/13)

6 Man Tag to be held inside the Chamber? (
‘ is reporting that the match will indeed take place inside
the chamber, which will be the first time a tag team match has been
contested in an Elimination Chamber.’

Format change to TNA’s “Every Match Is A Cage Match” in pipeline (
‘I’m not sure they are doing the all cage format this year.’

Punk calls Pope a ‘nazi’, Angle loses his s---/gets hacked – you decide (
‘After news broke today that The Pope has decided to resign, WWE star CM Punk posted the following on Twitter…’

@SmarkInProgress – Rey’s like that kid at your school who was always sick and missed half the year.

Comment of the Day 
Calibur_Winfield with another fond Nash memory:

I love the story of Bischoff confronting Nash about being drunk on air.
To which Nash says “I’m not drunk”. Then looks up as someone in the
balcony drop a drink to him, he catches it perfectly, takes a sip, and
walks away. Drunk off his ass.

On This Day…
TNA Against All Odds took place. This PPV will be remembered for the unfortunate accident that left rookie Jesse Sorenson with a broken neck during his match with Zema Ion. Ion’s knee appeared to compress the neck of Sorenson on a moonsault to the outside. Bobby Roode defended his TNA World Title in a 4 way against Bully Ray, James Storm, and Jeff Hardy.

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