BOD Daily Round-Up (2/11/13)

Miz drops Punk on his head (
‘The following photos feature The Miz botching a suplex during a match at last night’s WWE house show event in Springfield, MO.’

Cody’s “Major announcement” turns out to just be the reuniting of a tag team that broke up 2 weeks ago (
‘WWE’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow “re-united” for a series of house
shows this weekend, even going so far as to have “Team Rhodes Scholars
Reunion” shirts made up for the event.’

TLC officially does lowest buys of 2012 (
‘WWE’s TLC pay-per-view in December did the lowest number of buys in 2012 according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.’

@FnBodySlams (Ok, it’s me. Putting myself over, Triple H etc…) – Brooke ‘Like a bad smell’ Hogan scrounging for votes on ‘Best reality star turned singer’. How much about this is wrong?

@WWEMcGillicutty – Wanna thank everyone for the support today. Helped alot knowing my family has inspired so many people. Thank you.

Comment of the Day 
Despite WCW 2000 being my guilty pleasure, I had to give COTD to brocure. I’ve been lucky enough to sit and have a chat with an inebriated Kevin Nash, and this thought is absolutely hilarious:

The only good thing about any of the Spring Break episodes is a drunk
Kevin Nash mocking The Giant, then doing a cannonball into the water.

On This Day…
Superbrawl VI took place with the double main event of Hogan Vs. The Giant, and Savage Vs. Flair, both in a cage! (1996)

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