ROH TV 2-9-13

It’s the final show from this TV taping, as we wrap up the first
round of the Top Prospect Tournament and end with an 8-man tag match.

Update on the WWE tryout camp: Adam Cole and Ricky Reyes
were there, as was Mike Bennett. The Briscoes, however, were not, nor was Sami
Callihan. They guys that did show up will know within the next month if they’re
getting hired.
Top Prospect
Tournament: Matt Taven vs. ACH:
Once again, Truth Martini is on commentary.
Both of these guys work all over the East coast indy scene, and Taven has made
an appearance with FCW. ACH (Attitude, Charisma, Heart) is by far the most
talented guy in this tournament, so he’s probably jobbing here. Chain wrestling
sequence to start ends with ACH getting a rollup for 2. He ends up on the apron
and Taven hits a springboard kick to the head to send him to the floor, then
follows him out with a running plancha. Back in Taven misses a splash from the
top rope, ACH charges but misses and Taven hits a moonsault off the top to a
standing ACH for 2. Martini’s commentary is a bit racist here, saying things
like “ACH and TaDarius Thomas are brothers. Well, not brothers, but you know
what I mean”. So he’s not only shitty, but kind of offensive too… Anyway, ACH
gets backdropped to the apron, Taven sticks his head out between the ropes and
an axe kick sends him to the floor. He gets caught with a baseball slide as he
tries to get back in, and ACH follows that up with a somersault dive to the
outside. It gets 2 back in the ring, ACH throws forearms and kicks, a Flatliner
to the kneeling Taven gets 2. ACH pulls off the elbowpads (accidentally hitting
the ref in the face with one of them), so now you know s--- just got real. He
throws more forearms, but Taven just blasts him with a kick to the face for 2.
He goes up top but ACH catches him and hits a jumping knee for 2. He tries a
suplex, Taven reverses it into a neckbreaker and the frog splash finishes it at
5:09. Martini: “I know what ACH stands for now: A crack head.” Why the F--- are
they letting him do commentary? **, best match of the tournament by far, and
with the talent left (Taven is the only guy that’s even remotely good) it will
probably be the only good match. They should have got a little
more time though. And we’re now 4 for 4 as far as the wrong people going over
in this tournament.
Nigel McGuiness is in the ring, and he brings out Adam Cole
and Matt Hardy. Sign in the crowd: “Adam Cole better than Matt Hardy”. No s---…
Despite both guys wanting the Final Battle rematch to be for the title Nigel
won’t grant it because Hardy cheated in the first match. Well that’s pretty
stupid, if both guys want the match to be for the title, then why not just make
the next match for the title? However, if Hardy wins the next match, then he
gets a title shot. With Cole probably dropping the title at the next PPV to whoever
wins the Top Prospect tourney before he jumps to WWE I doubt it will ever
happen. At any rate, both guys cut a pretty good promo, Cole attacks and the
stooges break it up. Good segment, albeit completely pointless with Cole likely
leaving the company. Of course, this was taped over a month ago, so it’s not
like they knew that at the time.
Inside ROH: We
get to hear Martini suck ass on the mic some more as he talks about the guys
that are still in the Top Prospect tournament. He then decides to take his
pants off. Christ, this guy is just horrible. Cole, Davey Richards, and Michael
Elgin cut a quick promo to hype the main event of the house show next weekend, Bobby
Fish and Kyle O’Reilly cut a promo hyping the tag team title match at the PPV.
We see a quick shot of the Briscoes and Coleman &
Alexander getting ready for the main event tonight.
Athena vs. MsChif: Veda
Scott joins us for commentary. Athena starts off with a pretty crappy looking
headscissors and hits a springboard crossbody that looked just as bad for 2.
MsChif comes back with a gutbuster for 2, and they totally blow a drop toehold.
Athena now with a couple kicks, last one misses and MsChif gets a legsweep and
a standing moonsault for 2. Athena hits a terrible handspring kick and a
snapmare for 2, but gets sent to the corner and stomped on. MsChif misses a
blind charge, Athena throws a kick that doesn’t make contact and hits the worst
looking neckbreaker I’ve ever seen from the top for 2. Athena goes up top again
but gets caught, MsChif nearly kills Athena with a f----- up X-Factor like move
from the second rope to thankfully end this at 4:29. -***, that wasn’t just
bad, it was f------ embarrassing, as I don’t think one spot hit cleanly. I’d
say that this is a shoo-in for worst match of the year, but the QT
Marshall/TaDarius Thomas match from the most recent TV taping will certainly
give it a run for its money.
S.C.U.M. (Rhino,
Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, and Kevin Steen) vs. The Briscoes, Caprice Coleman,
and Cedric Alexander:
This is first fall wins, not elimination rules. Jay Lethal
is on commentary for this one. Just brawling on the outside for the first few
minutes, nothing of note happens until the commercial break.
We return with Rhino pounding on Jay, he tags in Corino, who
baits the rest of the faces into distracting the ref while S.C.U.M. beats on
Jay in their corner. Steen in now and it’s just more punchy-kicky stuff and
double/triple teaming from the heels. Jay drops Steen in the corner and makes
the hot tag to Mark, who beats on Corino for a bit before Rhino nails him from
behind and takes over. Coleman saves him, Steen nails him from behind, Mark hits
Steen with a suplex and tags in Alexander. C+C hit the worst Total Elimination
ever (Alexander not only missed his end of the move, but was a good 3 feet away
from making contact) on Steen for 2 and everyone but Steen ends up back on the
floor, Steen hits a somersault from the top to the floor that takes everyone out.
Back in the ring Coleman hits a springboard tornado DDT on Steen, Jacobs makes
the save and dumps Coleman to the floor. The Briscoes go for the Doomsday
Device on Jacobs but Corino crotches Jay on the top rope and Jacobs hits him
with Sliced Bread #2. Rhino Gores Coleman, Alexander tries something off the
top that misses, Rhino sets up to Gore him but Steen hits Alexander with the
package piledriver to finish at 10:41 aired. **1/2, nothing but brawling, but still
pretty fun. Crowd was really into it too. Steen immediately heads to the back
as soon as the match ends. I heard he was injured during the match, so I’m not
sure if that was storyline or if he was going back that quick to get medical
attention. Probably storyline.
Pretty average show this week, next week we get into the TV
taping from last weekend.