WWE Network Going To Happen?


I'm not sure if the story is behind the paid firewall or not, so here's the quick version:  DirectTV is interested in actually carrying the WWE Network, on the condition that they air 11 of the 12 PPVs per year.  Price point would be somewhere beween $13 and $25 a month.  Otherwise content will be repeat showings of the TV shows, plus the same stuff that's currently on Classics On Demand except not, you know, on demand.  
Obviously it would be a big deal to actually get this monstrosity on the air, but destroying their own PPV business to do so?  I dunno, man.  Even though TV rights fees have seemingly become the basis of their revenue now, UFC is still doing 700,000 buys for a good show even with their ridiculously oversaturated market so throwing away what is still a gigantic money stream like that just seems like a bad idea.  
Still, even if it's a giant flop that destroys their business after launching more than a year after their heavily advertised launch date, at least they would have gotten it on the air, and that's the important thing!