BOD Daily Round-Up (2/9/13)

Hogan encouraged Dixie to ‘go big, or go home’ (
‘It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch.’

WWE Main Event takes new direction ( 
‘WWE officials have discussed the idea of having the WWE Main Event program center around the Intercontinental Title’ 
It’s an “Oh No!” moment for Kassius, as he loses a few teeth against Xavier Woods (

@CMPunk – “: when is the dangerous alliance going to form?”
1987. You missed it.

@IndiesWrestler – Starts out like a Mandible Claw, then up into a Sidewalk Slam, finish like Emerald Fusion

Comment of the Day 
Many were in agreement with Worst_In_The_World on his view on an Austin comeback:

The Rock is wrestling a part-time schedule. Brock Lesnar is back. Bruno and Bret came back to the company.

Those are all things that seemed much less likely than Austin ever
coming back and wrestling one more match, so I just don’t get the whole
definitive “Austin will never wrestle again” answer.

Anyway, I’m also not here saying I think it will DEFINITELY happen,
but I think there are enough factors in favor of it (The perfect
opponent in Punk; WWE will have burned through the freshness of Rock and
Lesnar by next year’s Mania; Austin himself having said he’d physically
be able to wrestle full-time for a few years if needbe, nevermind one
more match; the need for something huge at Mania 30; and also, shitloads
of money) that there’s a possibility, for sure.

On This Day…
Wrestling Society X held its first show, which featured the Battle Royal main event featuring Sean ‘X Pac’ Waltman, Vampiro, and New Jack. (2006)

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