A match so brutal, its hilarious


Where do I begin with this…….

-Raja Lion is a shoot fighter hired to wrestle who can't throw a realistic strike. I swear to god, he throws a kick like some exaggerated workout video, AND ACTUALLY SLIPS LIKE A TOTAL RUBE DOING KICKS. TWICE. Bas Rutten would be all like "Bitch, please" to this s---.

-Raja Lion is a shoot fighter hired to wrestle who just does not have that "I could kick your ass so easily" aura.

-You'd think a shootfighter would not get a 50s tune for his entrance music, instead maybe getting something that, oh I don't know, gives him the illusion of being this bad dude from a karate discipline here to kick ass? Who booked this s---?

-Giant Baba looks like a skin-colored bag of s---. Clearly hes degenerated a lot going into this Roe v Wade-level abortion because he is over with the fans, presumably for work done years before.

-The "fight" starts with the typical Japanese "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH" over a dogshit leg kick being the first move of the match. This strikes me as ridiculously hilarious, because you could literally hire most BoDers to throw kicks of the same caliber, which would generate that kind of reaction from the poor souls who had to sit through this one.

-A random shot of a guy looking like Jason Voorhees(who a friend told me actually has that ring name, being a primary example of that lovable Japanese indy sleaze) midway through, which is either a welcome reprieve from the match or additional hilarity, depending on how you look at this.


-Baba, to give the "shoot" fight an illusion of reality and show the boys in the back where the power in his(?) fed really lies, no sells something like 4 head kicks from Raja Lion. Really, who can blame him?

-Giant Baba does 4 really basic moves for his total "offense" in the match, such as the catching kick followed by shove, the modified hammerlock, and the bitchslap and gets a tremendous pop for doing them. At least John Cena's have SOME credibility.


-The fight goes for 2 rounds, and its under shootfight rules. This is a simultaneously stupid and smart decision. Stupid, in that a rigged fight with rounds should not end in round 2, and smart, in the sense that this match is being worked so loose I could ask my little brother and sister to have a playfight and it'd be more realistic, so presumably if this had to be booked thanks to death threats or Baba wanting to put himself over, its best to keep this alledged shootfight as short as possible because neither man can work worth a stool pigeon.


-This match should win an award for "Shittiest Clean Finish". If a legit MMArtist saw Baba's ludicrous, alledged attempt at a cross armbreaker he'd piss his pants with laughter.

-You gotta feel for the announcers, cause this is clearly s--- but they have to put over Raja Lion as meaning something when Baba treats him like a jobber, and they have to sell a match as worthwhile with literally zero help.

-To quote Maffew, who put clips of this gem in an old Botchamania vid…. "Whats the only way this match could be worse? IF TIGER JEET SINGH DID A RUN-IN!". WORST WEAPON STRIKES EVER. REFEREE ALMOST DIES FROM BEING SLASHED BY A SWORD. And to pay off the camera appearance, JASON VOORHEES ESCORTS HIM TO THE BACK!

-And after this absolute trainwreck, Baba raises Lion's hand in victory after treating him like a total jobber (justifiably) and beating him with the lamest clean finish in the history of pro wrestling. What the hell.

Overall, I'm torn on this match. I'm still not sure whether this is so awful its come full circle to being a Tony Schiavone-level "GREATEST MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPORT", or whether its so awful its in the territory of Shiek/Volkoff v Bushwhackers and has no redeeming features. Scott, what do you think?

I don't know, man, the random Jason Voorhees appearance alone makes it better than the Bushwhackers match.  The problem was that they were basically asking Raja to work a match without any experience in the actual mechanics of working.  Like, he thought all you had to do was pull your kicks, but didn't bother to learn about cooperating and stuff.  Although I'm far from a fan of Baba in the first place, too.  
It was unique as far as trainwrecks go, you have to give it that.