Two Questions For The Blog

Hi Scott. Hope all is well. Got some questions for you that may be looking into the future.

1) With Wrestlemania 30 around the corner, I've read rumours that Dallas Cowboys Stadium with its 100,000 seat capacity is the desired location. With that in mind, what do you think should be run as the main event (just off the top of your head)? I know WM sells out based on the name itself but this seems different. Is Steve Austin the guy you put in the main event since he's a Texan? Against who? Punk? Brock? Cena? Taker? Rock one more time?

Steve Austin is not coming back.  And the show, as we now know, will be in New Orleans anyway.  I think probably we'll end up with Brock v. Cena again there if I had to guess.  

2) I just read that Tyson Kidd will be out for probably a year, which makes me sad since I think he's wrestling's most underrated performer. Even though he barely gets 5 minute matches, everything he does is crisp, clean and precise (impressive since he's NOT a simplistic wrestler). I think he should come back under a hood and be a new kid-friendly character that can entertain with his wrestling because with his skills he could be a new Rey Mysterio-type, as opposed to being an Evan Bourne-type jobber. Thoughts on Kidd?

He's a great worker, for sure.  I almost think a tag team role where he can get the heat and then tag out to a bigger guy would be a perfect role for him, but a masked Mysterio type would also work for an underdog thing.