NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #30

February 5, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay.
West and Tenay run down the show, which includes Amazing Red vs. Sonny Siaki for the X Division Title, Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings vs. Mike Sanders vs. David Flair, and the New Church vs. XXX for the Tag-Team Championship.
Larry Zbyszko is in the ring, holding Jarrett’s NWA title belt over his shoulder. He says that AJ Styles has held his own against Jarrett and that he has come to respect his talent and ability. He demands that Jarrett put his belt up against AJ. Jarrett’s music hits and says he is the champ so if AJ wants a shot at the belt, he can come up to him face-to-face and ask. Jarrett demands that Larry give him back the belt and says he can do it the easy way or he can go in the ring and take it “out of his ass.” So, Larry apparently keeps the real belt up his ass?  He goes to the ring but gets jumped by AJ. He beats on Jarrett in the ring as Zbyszko attempts to hold him back. Jarrett fights back but several men dressed in fatigues and wearing black masks run in and beat on Jarrett before taking him away, through the crowd and near the SEX locker room. It was obvious that the attackers were SEX, even without Tenay’s screaming. The segment wasn’t much and it makes AJ look a bit pathetic in that the has to go through all of this shit to get a title shot.  


Jorge Estrada vs. Glen Gilbertti
Gilberrti is wearing his fatigues as Sanders, who is dressed in a commander’s uniform, is still wearing his mask. Tenay asks Sanders to join him in on commentary. Gilbertti starts on offense but Estrada take him down with a headscissors. TCB gets two. Gilbertti lands a few shots until Estrada ducks an attack and hits a springboard dropkick, which gets two. Sanders talks about how Russo has everything figured out then talks about Estrada, saying SEX is interested in the Elvis persona. Gilbertti tosses Estrada, who comes back with a neck snap. Gilbertti gets his knees up on a split-legged moonsault as Sanders refers to Gilbertti as “gifted.” He gets an inverted atomic drop then Estrada does the somersault sell off of a clothesline. Neckbreaker by Gilbertti then he mocks Estrada with some Elvis moves. Swinging neckbreaker by Gilbertti as Sanders talks about character development. Gilbertti continues to beat on Estrada then pose and taunt afterwards. Gilbertti hits a clothesline then a Russian leg sweep. He misses an elbow drop and Estrada comes back with a crossbody that gets two. Springboard moonsault gets two. He ducks his head and Gilbertti spikes him with a DDT and that gets two. Estrada fights out of the Chartbuster and gets a rollup for two. Sunset flip gets two. Sanders calls West and Tenay suck-ups as Estrada catches Gilbertti with a backslide and gets the win (6:52) ¼*. Sanders runs in as he and Gilberrti beat on Estrada. They rip off his Elvis suit, leaving Estrada in his underwear as he walks up the ramp.
Thoughts: Bad match. Gilbertti did a lot of stalling and Estrada is a terrible wrestler. The part about SEX wanting the Elvis gimmick was a giant waste of time. Possibly the worst opening match to date for this company.  
Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. She yells at him about finding Jarrett as he says that SEX will not get away with this and he is working on finding him. Typical useless segment where Goldylocks tries to get info and Armstrong is frustrated and just yells at her.
The lights go out and a spotlight shines on Russo in the bleachers. He is wearing “F U” on his face in black paint as he welcomes us to “Operation SEX.” He tells us that Jarrett is not in any danger and says that he loves Jarrett, saying this is all for his own good. Russo says he is the uncle to Jeff’s kids but he is sick of people taking from him, saying how his dad was trying to live his life through him. Russo brings up character development then once again runs down Jarrett’s various characters in the WWF. Russo says Jarrett does not know what he is but he does, and that is Jarrett is his friend. He says he is letting Gilbertti come up with a character for Jarrett that swears, talks about T & A, and hates traditional wrestling. As Gilbertti walks away, Dusty Rhodes comes out and beats him down. Dusty is in the ring as Russo yells how he will not rain on his parade. Dusty says that Bob Armstrong called him up and that this bullshit has to stop. He calls out Truth, Jerry Lynn, Amazing Red, and AMW to the ring. He calls Truth one of the most talented in the industry and that Lynn is tradition. He calls AMW the best tag team in the world. He tells the Truth that a black man did not win the world title, but rather a man and asks if Truth is down with being a leader. He says that need to take care of the building as he goes looking for Jarrett. Dusty’s promo was passionate and he did great but Russo did a terrible job and this “Character Development” talk is a garbage angle.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Sonny Siaki (Champion) w/Desire vs. Amazing Red
Red did not get an entrance as he was already in the ring from the previous segment. Siaki mocks Red then backs him in the corner then tosses him down. Siaki drops to his knee and taunts Red but ends up getting kicked. Siaki chases Red and ends up falling through the ropes. Red flies out with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Red hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He hits a dropkick then gets two off of a spinkick. Missile dropkick gets two. Siaki catches Red and hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Stungun gets two. He covers again and gets two. Siaki gets a bearhug as the camera shows Desire’s cleavage. Red fights back and gets another spinkick. He dropkicks him to the floor then fakes a dive. He gets caught trying a rana then gets swung into the announcer’s table. Siaki slams Red’s head off of the belt then rolls inside to break the count. Back in the ring, Siaki gets two off of a neckbreaker then puts Red in a surfboard. The fans chant for Red as Siaki drops him on the rope after a suplex, getting two. He hits a corner clothesline then places him up top. He delivers a few chops but Red pushes him off and hits the swinging STO, getting two. Code Red gets two as the crowd is awakening. Desire grabs the leg of Red and Siaki gets the Siakalypse but takes too long before he covers and only gets two. He sweeps the leg of Siaki and gets two off of a Red Star Press. He goes up top signaling for the Infrared but Desire crotches him and Siaki hits the Siakalypse Now for the win (9:44) **1/2. After the match, Desire pushes Red, who pushes her back. Siaki hits Red but Kid Kash and Trinity run out and clear the heels from the ring.
Thoughts: This took awhile to get going, due to a style clash, but it got a lot better towards the end. Red is really improving as a worker and he becoming more than a guy who can only do aerial moves. Siaki remains a flop as the X Division champion and no matter how hard TNA tries, they cannot get him over.
A video package airs of Konnan and all of his run-in attacks on the X Division wrestlers from the past three weeks.
Tenay in a taped sitdown interview with Konnan. Tenay mentions again how Konnan does not have a contract with TNA. He asks why has he been doing these attacks but Konnan says that he will not be made to look like an idiot and will terminate the interview if he wants. He asks Tenay who holds the all-time gate in Mexico, main event in AAA while they were beating WWF and WCW in LA and San Jose, producing TV, and biggest crossover wrestling star in Mexico. Tenay answers Konnan for all of those questions then Konnan asks if WCW attempted to push him as a star to the Latino population, to which he replies no. He brings up “When Worlds Collide” and how that helped Tenay get a job in WCW. He calls Tenay a “corporate kiss ass” for stealing the Lucha Libre style and calling it the X Division. Konnan calls promoters racist and that they would rather fail than push a Latino star. He says that there are no Latino’s in positions of power as Tenay brings up how Americans are no longer looking down to Lucha Libre as Konnan says they are stealing and calls Tenay a racist before saying he will instill fear and not promote fun and will make sure Latino’s will never get “fucked over”again. The last part was bleeped out. Great interview from Konnan and this seemed like a set up for him to bring in luchadores to TNA.  
Goldy catches up with Bob, who doesn’t have time for her. BG James comes up but the audio went out so we could not hear what he said. His music hits as Bob tells him that he has a surprise waiting for him in the ring.
BG heads to the ring as Tenay says that BG will have a major surprise. Boeash introduces us to Tenacious Z, as a kid who looks to weigh about 140 lbs limps to the ring. He stops to take off his warm-up pants and when he does, he removes his prostetic leg and tosses it to Athena.
BG James vs. Tenacious Z
Tenay tells us that Z lost his leg from cancer as BG cannot believe his opponent. BG beats him in the corner and yells at Tenay, who says that this is not a rib. Z gets a dropkick off a flapjack attempt then kicks BG in the corner as he holds on to the ropes. BG tosses him down then hits a clothesline as Tenay brings up how Hulk Hogan met him in the hospital and that made him want to become a wrestler. Z ducks a punch and sends BG to the floor with a leg lariat and follows that up with a quebrada and lands on his leg!. The crowd is into Z as he rolls into the ring. The show a replay of the quebrada as BG hits him from behind. Big boot gets two as BG pulls him up. BG slaps the ref, which is his brother Scott. He hits a suplex and again taunts his brother. He gets pushed and Z rolls him up for two. Scott ducks a clothesline from BG and kicks him low and that allows Z to get a small package for the win (3:56) ½*. After the match, Raven comes in and beats on Z. Security then drags out Z and walks him to the back.
Thoughts: For those who do not, Tenacious Z wrestled as Zach Gowen in the WWE. His highspots were impressive, especially the quebrada, but the match was really too short to mean anything. Still, it was an impressive showing from Z and he won over the crowd at the end.
Raven is still in the ring and tells AJ that he has property that belongs to him. He says that he needs to bring it back to him right now. He talks about his usual stuff (sacrifice, death, blood) as AJ is on the ramp wearing a belt. Raven says that unless he is a “pussy of the highest magnitude” then he will come to the ring and go through Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun then calls him an “arrogant pussy” as the two brawl in the ring. Raven gains the upper hand early but AJ fights back. They are having a good fight but Raven hits the low blow then starts to break AJ’s fingers, similar to what he did with Tommy Dreamer back in ECW. He takes the belt and flees the ring as Zbyszko comes to the ring with a chair. AJ is withering in pain on the mat. Segment was fine.
Goldy is again out back with Bob Armstrong, who is talking with the New Church. He tells her that he has a wife at home that does enough bitching as AMW comes out pissed wanting a rematch against XXX. Mitchell promises that they will have a rematch after his team wins and that they will bathe in his blood as Harris wants to fight now and the two teams get separated. Armstrong tells AMW that they have a rematch no matter what. So much for that “last match ever” stuff between these two that took place last month.
A video recap of the events leading up to the four corners match
David Flair vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Sanders vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
The rules of the match are elimination style and two men in the ring at a time. Crowd starts a “SOL” chant at Sanders. Lynn and Sanders start things off. They engage in a nice, fast-paced sequence until Flair tags. Lynn works the arm then delivers some stomps. He slams Flair and tags Killings, who punches away. He floats over and catches Flair with a leg lariat. Flair gets a punch and tags Sanders. Killings gets a drop toehold then a scissors kick for two. Lynn argues with Flair on the apron and Sanders reverses a whip, sending Killings into Flair. SEX double teams Killings and Flair covers for two. Suplex gets two then he covers again. Sanders tags in and kicks the Truth. He knocks Lynn off the apron but Killings beats him in the corner. He floats over and sets up for his leg lariat but Lynn runs in an accidentally takes out Killings with a clothesline. SEX double-teams Killings  as the ref is with Lynn. The announcers hint that Lynn purposely clotheslined Killings as Flair chops the Truth in the corner. They do the double clothesline spot and the fans stay silent. Both men tag out and Lynn hits a huge backdrop. Powerbomb gets two. He puts on the Boston Crab as Flair runs in to break up the hold. Lynn works on Flair as Killings beats on Sanders. Killings gets backdropped to the floor but Jorge Estrada runs in and hits Sanders with a missile dropkick and Lynn covers to get the pin (7:31). Flair clotheslines Lynn and chops away. Lynn comes back with a jumping back elbow and a dropkick. Flair stop short on a dropkick then works on the leg but Lynn reverses into a small package for the pin (8:27). Lynn ducks a flying forearm from Killings, who accidentally takes out the ref. Flair runs on the apron and nails Lynn with the burlap sack and Killings hits the Truth Conviction for the win (8:55) *. West wants to know if Killings is aligned with Russo as he walks over to Lynn, who pushes him away. They argue then push each other around before the Truth leaves.
Thoughts: This crowd was dead for this entire segment. The action itself wasn’t great or anything but it could have been worse seeing that Flair was part of the match. TNA has managed to kill all of Killings momentum with the angle of him having his allegiance questioned as the crowd treats him like a heel so they aren’t going to care if he does turn on Lynn and TNA.
Goldy is backstage with Elix Skipper and Low Ki. She says that they robbed AMW of the belts. Skipper says she should hang with him in order to find out about robberies then sings “We are Family.”  Ki speaks, using his deep voice and says nothing of note. Interviews are not his strong suit. Desire walks out and taunts Goldy before insulting her boob job, stating that her nipples are pointed in the wrong direction. Yep, she really said that.. Goldy then flips her off as she leaves for her match and calls her a bitch.
Desire w/Sonny Siaki vs. Trinity w/Kid Kash
Trinity ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. She chases Desire around the ring until Siaki takes her out with a superkick! Desire is in the ring and covers Trinity for two. She slams her off the mat then hits a clothesline for two in a botched spot as Trinity clearly ducked her head but got whacked. Desire grabs a chinlock then throws her to the mat. Tenay alerts us that there is still no update on Jarrett. Trinity gets a springboard crossbody for two. Desire works a headscissors on the mat. In another botched spot, Trinity runs into Desire, who then covers her for two. The crowd is getting restless as this match is dragging. Trinity gets tossed to the floor as Siaki delivers a few stomps. Kash isn’t doing a thing by the way. Back in the ring, Desire gets two off of a suplex. Trinity fights back but Siaki trips her up. Desire gets an enziguiri then a back elbow smash as the crowd is chanting for Athena. Trinity gets tossed to the floor as Siaki stands on her hands while pulling her hair. Kash finally moves toward Trinity but the ref stops him and that allows Siaki to slam her head off of a chair. In the ring, Desire gets two off of a clothesline. Trinity ducks a clothesline and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. She fights back and hits an enziguiri and a dropkick. She gets a clothesline but Kash holds her on a monkey flip attempt and she then goes up top and hits a moonsault for the win (8:23) -*1/2.
Thoughts: Why on earth did they give these two over eight minutes? You had AJ, Raven, Jarrett, AMW and others not wrestle tonight so this could take place. Desire is just terrible and cannot even perform basic transitions and Trinity was pretty much exposed as someone who can only do highspots.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Title Match
Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. XXX (Champions)
Daniels is not with XXX tonight as I believe he is in Japan. Also, Belladonna is nowhere to be found either as she is apparently gone from the promotion. Both teams brawl on the floor to start. The New Church gains the advantage quickly. Brian Lee looks scarier with each passing week. His face is sunken in and he looks to weigh about 225 lbs. Tenay is screaming as Lee slammed Ki right behind the announcers table. Slash then hits Ki with a Michinoku Driver on the ramp. They brawl some more and XXX finally gets in control as Tenay screams for the guys to get in the ring. Skipper and Lee roll into the ring as the crowd starts an “evil” chant. Skipper chokes him out with his knee but Lee escapes and catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lee drops an elbow and tags Slash. Skipper rams his head into the buckle and tags Ki. He chops Slash hard then dropkicks him in the corner. He hits some European uppercuts but gets caught with a press slam. Skipper breaks up a pinfall but Slash goes back on offense. He ducks a springboard kick as Ki sells the knee. The ref checks on him but Ki was faking and he rams the ref into Slash. Tag to Skipper and they then use quick tags to assault Slash. They choke out Slash and Skipper covers, getting two. He works the leg and both men switch off on an ankle lock. Slash escpaes and tries the Helicopter Slam but Ki gets him in the Iron Octopus. Ki is bleeding from the mouth as he works a cross armbreaker on the mat. Skipper tags and works a chinlock as the camera shows the blood dripping from Ki’s mouth. Skipper holds back Slash from making the tag and Ki comes off the top with a stomp. Double clothesline by XXX gets two as Ki made the cover. Ki with his kick combo but Slash catches him in midair and gets the Helicopter Slam. He eventually tags Lee and the crowd is silent. Lee uses clotheslines then tosses Skipper onto Lee. Slam to Ki then he tries a chokeslam. Ki fights off and goes up top but Mithcell grabs his leg. Lee goes up top and Skipper hits him with a chair, causing Ki to fall on top of Lee. The ref counts but Lee is able to kick out. Skipper brings in a chair but Slash hits him with the Eye of the Hurricane and gets two. West tells us that this match has been so good he almost forgot that Jarrett was kidnapped. Ki tries the Tidal Crush but Slash catches him ad tosses him onto the ref. Skipper goes low on Lee and heads up top but Slash cuts him off. He hits a reverse neckbreaker from the top and Skipper lands in the Tree of Woe position right as Ki lands on Lee after a powerbomb attempt. The ref stares at Ki and waits until Slash gets Skipper into position before counting as a second ref comes in and they all count to three, with each team scoring the pin (15:32) **1/2. Holy shit, did that look bad. Scott Armstrong comes out and declares the titles are now held up.
Thoughts: The match was fine but the finish looked awful. The referees (Andrew Thomas & Rudy Charles) are awful. I have remembered them fucking up finishes and being out of position on numerous occasions. They really did a bad job here. The action was good and Lee did okay in the ring. However, having the tag belts held up for the second time in this promotion is a bit much.
Immediately afterwards, AMW runs out and attacks XXX until SEX runs out and destroys them. Russo is wearing an army helmet and yells into Tenay’s mic that we have a war. SEX continues the assault for a long, long time. Jerry Lynn runs out to help but gets his ass kicked too. This brawl will not end as people are brawling everywhere, ringside and through the crowd. Someone comes out of the SEX locker room as Estrada and Storm are getting destroyed in the ring. This still is going on and it is a chore to watch. Trinity runs in and attacks Desire. Harris attempts to dump Ki from the balcony and everything is blending together. Bob Armstrong and lays out some of SEX, throwing better punches that 75% of the roster. He unmasks his son and kicks his ass. Raven is in the ring with the belt by himself as a “Russo Sucks” chant breaks out. Russo orders Raven to take out Lynn and to lock the SEX locker room, which apparently contains the TNA roster. Russo is in the ring and calls for “Colonel Sanders” and “Corporate Disco,” who is clearly not Glen Gilbertti. He promises to attack the fans, calling them jerk-offs then tells “Glen” that he wants him to tell the people that Jarrett is okay and the only thing that happened was that is character was “tweaked a little bit.” He tells Glen to take off the mask and we see Gilberrti on the ramp in his underwear. The mask is removed and it is Jarrett and he attacks them as the show goes off the air. This brawl lasted over ten minutes. It was way too long.
Final Thoughts: This was a terrible show. A couple of the matches were decent and some of the promos were good but everything else sucked and no one cares to see Jeff Jarrett booked as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The direction of the product is a total turn off, as the SEX vs. NWA feud dominates everything and just continues to stay in neutral. There are no compelling feuds to speak of either. A complete waste of ten dollars.