WWF Championship Wrestling: July 14, 1984

July 14, 1984
Your hosts are Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon
Gene and Vince run down the show which includes “Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Ivan Putski as well as Lanny Kean & Rene Goulet against the Wild Samoans. Also, the Iron Sheik is in action as well as action from around the world.

Lanny Kean & Rene Goulet vs. Wild Samoans

Albano is not accompanying the Samoans as they are attempting to turn them face by having them split apart. Goulet stalls forever in an attempt to draw some heat but it fails. Sika attacks Goulet, who was playing around with his glove. As Goulet is getting destroyed, Albano comes out and goes near the ring. Sika gets distracted and that allows Goulet to mount a comeback. Kean tags in and lands a few punches then we see Albano leave in disgust. Sika regains control and tags Afa. He headbutts Kean as Sika is kicking his opponent from the apron. Sika then tags and chokes out Kean. The ref breaks that up, allowing Afa to get in some kicks behind the ref’s back. Kean tries to tag Goulet, but he jumps off the apron and the Samoans rough up Kean some more until Afa puts him away with the Samoan Drop (5:05).
Thoughts: A really dull match. The slow face turn for the Samoans is not going over with this crowd, which makes sense seeing how it has been poorly done and the Samoans were using heel tactics during the match. The announcers spent a lot of time putting them over as a threat to Adonis & Murdoch. The Samoans are also deteriorating in the ring and were hurting really bad at this time. They were gone a few months from here.  
“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Ivan Putski
Valiant, who was an accomplished wrestler in the 60’s and 70’s, is back in the WWF. He grabs a headlock and backs Putski in the corner. Putski fights back but runs into a knee. Valiant works the arm until Putski gains control. He beats Valiant in a test of strength then stomps his fingers. Putski powers out of a full nelson and goes back to work on the arm. Valiant escapes and knocks down Putski a few times before using a nerve hold. Putski eventually breaks out and reverses an Irish whip then comes back with the Polish Hammer for the win (5:30).
Thoughts: Valiant is now a jobber and the match was filled with a lot of restholds and the trademark Putski spots. The finish looked terrible though. Putski’s usefulness is rapidly declining as the crowds are not reacting like they used to for him.
Billy Travis vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddy Blassie
The camera shows an old lady in the crowd with “USA” written on her headdress who is booing the Sheik. The crowd starts with the USA chants as Travis grabs a headlock after a forearm. He gets whipped but comes back with a dropkick after a leapfrog. He grabs another headlock but Sheik picks him up and hits an atomic drop. Sheik misses an elbow but Travis pulls up after getting whipped and is caught in the ropes. Sheik beats on Travis for a while as the crowd starts chanting for Sgt. Slaughter. Slam by Sheik who then slams the head of Travis repeatedly off the mat. He tosses him to the floor and hits him in the back with a chair. Sheik rolls back in as the ref is counting then rolls out and hits him again with a chair. The crowd chants for Slaughter again as the ref (Danny Davis) apparently does not care about the chair use from the Sheik. He pulls Travis back in the ring by his hair and hits a back suplex, setting him up for the Camel Clutch and the win (5:38).
Thoughts: The Sheik/Slaughter feud is still going strong and is the most over feud in the company. Sheik was a pretty good worker at this time too. His squash matches were usually entertaining. Travis does a good job at taking a beating.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. This week’s subject is Big John Studd. Vince puts over his size and shows us a clip of him destroying two jobbers in a handicapped match with Roddy Piper shown at ringside acting as his manager. Vince then says that he could possibly challenge Hulk Hogan, but that the Hulkster will be ready. They are building up Studd as a challenger to Hogan.
Roddy Piper is by himself and rants about Cyndi Lauper, calling her a wench in the process. This then segues into a training video featuring Lauper and Wendi Richter, as she prepares for her match against the Fabulous Moolah on July 23rd at Madison Square Garden. The video showed them at a gym with several patrons cheering her on. Lauper and Richter then are shown talking outside then chant “Lou’s going down” then refer to Moolah as “Schmoolah.” Not much of a segment but this stuff worked in 1984. Richter comes off like a star just by having Lauper align herself with her.
SD Jones vs. Dick Murdoch
This match is joined in progress. Murdoch is complaining about hairpulls after getting armdragged twice by SD. Murdoch rakes the eyes and lands an elbow smash. SD then no-sells an elbow to the head and knocks Murdoch down with a jumping headbutt. He hits a few more heabutts until Murdoch lands an elbow. He drops an elbow across the throat of SD then kicks him in the face. SD fights back and knocks Murdoch down with after a series of punches. They then start to trade punches until SD gets knocked through the ropes. Murdoch stomps SD from the apron a few times before he re-enters the ring. SD fights back but misses a charge in the corner and Murdoch elbows him down. They fight outside and SD whips Murdoch into the post but Murdoch immediately rolls into the ring and just beats the ten count, scoring the victory by countout. (6:41) was shown of the match.
Thoughts: Fun match. It was all action too. The end of this really shows how much wrestling has changed seeing that they protected a guy like SD Jones with that finish whereas today, the job out the IC champ in five minutes cleanly on TV like it’s a requirement of holding the title.
Final Thoughts: This was not a good show. A lot of dull action and nothing really productive happened, unless you count the build towards Moolah vs. Richter, which has been going on for a month now anyway. Lots of the old guard was featured as well and those matches were not good.