BOD Daily Round-Up (2/6/13)

Jericho defends Triple H after Bret’s bashing (
‘Maybe he still has some lingering issues with Triple H as part of that.
I don’t know, cos I think Bret is very much one of my favorites of all
time, one of my top two or three as a matter of fact, but maybe there’s a
little bit of bias in this or something like that for him to say that
Triple H has had no great matches.’

Cory Graves gets call-up from NXT (
‘Graves was on the road with WWE, working this weekend’s live shows.’

Del Rio receives fake suspension for being a little blighter and attacking Show in his HOTEL (
‘Booker T announced on that Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for this week’s Smackdown.’

@WWEDanielBryan – I would like to find whoever invented the alarm clock and punch them in the face.

@IndiesWrestler – Brainstorming a name for a unique stable I want to start soon. What’s a good word to go before “World” and “Order”?

Comment of the Day 
flair4dagold was happy to hear Punk tackle another taboo subject on Raw:

So many rules are anti-pro wrestling from Vince that they’re head
scratching. I love that Punk dropped championship BELT when talking
about Rock on Raw this week. Again, something that used to be common
place sounded jarring…in a good way.

On This Day…
NWA WCW presented the ‘Clash of the Champions X – Texas Shootout’. The Horsemen defeated The Great Muta, “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer & The Dragon Master in a Cage match. (1990)

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