Silver Anniversary of Hogan v. Andre

With February 5 being the 25th anniversary of The Main Event with

Hogan V. Andre (drawing 33 million viewers) I was wondering what you
thought about the idea of a Hogan/Andre rivalry DVD. Would it sell, or
would people today just not care?  Here’s how I would do it:

Hogan vs. Andre 8-9-80 (Shea Stadium) with new commentary
Segment that talks about Hogan jumping to AWA, becoming friends with Andre
Hogan & Andre vs. Bobby Heenan Family 11-7-82
Segment that talks about everyone jumping to the WWF(E)
Segment that talks about Hogan & Andre kickstarting Wrestlemania and SNME
Hogan & Andre vs. Bundy & Studd 11-2-85 (SNME)
Segment that gives the rundown of Andre turning heel, challenging Hogan
Hogan & Andre in the SNME Battle Royal 3-14-87
Hogan vs. Andre  3-29-1987 (Wrestlemania III)
Segment that talks about the two kickstarting the Survivor Series
Team Hogan vs. Team Andre 11-26-1987 (Survivor Series)
Segment about DiBiase trying to buy the title and hiring Andre
Segment about Hogan & Andre signing a contract at the first Royal Rumble
Hogan vs. Andre 2-5-88 (The Main Event)
Segment about DiBiase being stripped
Hogan vs. Andre in a steel cage 7-31-88
Segment about the leadup to the first Summerslam
The Megapowers vs. the Megabucks 8-29-88 (Summerslam)

No five star matches to be sure, but a heck of a story.

I don’t think people would care enough, to be honest, but this is the kind of thing that BEGS for an on-demand DVD service to be started up.