HHH – The greatest of all time now?

So can we finally say that HHH is actually the greatest of all time simply because he brought peace to the middle east AKA he got Bruno in the Hall of Fame?  Sure Bret probably won't agree with that statement but how many other guys in the business have gotten themselves into this position of power?   He's only a step or two away from really running the company and if he can get Bruno back on board then what else can he do if given full control?  Say what we want about Flair, Hogan, Shawn, Bret and others but it seems like no one else had the foresight to think about the WWE post Vince except HHH.  For that I say bring on the HHH regime.  Let's see if he can really keep the ship sailing after the old captain is thrown overboard.

Yeah, well, Sin Cara and the failed tag division revamp are both squarely on his head, so let's not go awarding any Booker of the Year honors just yet.