BOD Daily Round-Up (2/5/13)

Footage of Heyman/Ryback now available (
The Heyman Hustle website has posted new photos and videos
featuring Paul Heyman wrestling Ryback at the 12/27/12 WWE live event at
Madison Square Garden in NYC.’

3 names confirmed for Elimination Chamber match (
‘On WWE Raw, Michael Cole said that Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio are both involved in the Elimination Chamber match in two weeks.’

Update on Chris Sabin’s knee injury (
‘Dixie Carter posted the following message to her Twitter account earlier today…’

@ShaneHelmsCom – (in response to JR being disappointed at fan’s lack of knowledge re. Bruno)
New fans today have the Internet but that only works if you know what
to look for. And TV rarely acknowledges the past performers.

@AntonioCesaro (well worth the follow..) – “ type in English Language bush man” and that completes the hat-trick special shout out to the US education system

Comment of the Day 
This one goes out to a guy who said ‘FU’ to the system and shattered the glass ceiling. He’s clearly been on whatever the Warrior’s been on, and we love him for it. Congratulations to cultstatus:

Space Lord Brock Lesnar sits on his throne of rotting McMahon flesh,
feasting on the fears of bullied Be A Star kids and quenching his thirst
with the tears of a failed McMahon Senate run. In the dark,
contemplating the challenge to a game of wig splittin’ laid down by the
Rage Giant known as Mark Henry earlier, his warrior meditation is
broken. Through the Genocide Portal, he hears the quacks of the pitiful
half man known as The Miz, King of the Douches.

His appetite of murder-death-kill piqued, the Viking Space Lord steps
into the portal. He steps into an arena filled with sub humans, the
scent of a soon to come skull f--- is in the air, and at the center of
it all is The Miz. The King of the Douches stands in the ring with a
foul-smelling suit, a duckface smile, and the foresight of a child. The
glory of another civilization destroyed is upon us.

Slowly walking down the ramp, circling his prey. Viking Space Lord
Brock Lesnar enters the designated zone for rage killing. Annoyed at his
servants’ heathen warnings, King of the Douches strikes with the
douchiest slap that ever douched. Our hero’s eyes flash with glorious
blood lust as he takes the head off the King in one fell swoop.

He tosses his headless foe outside, lest he sullies his gladiatorial
arena of battle worship any further. Offended at the site of the King of
the Douches IKEA b-------, he launches it at the Miz like they were
used diva aspirations. Continuing his magnificent redecoration, the
headless douche wanders back into the ring. The Walking Extinction Event
is amused with fiery purpose. He decides to end to it, hitting Miz,
King of the Douches, with the World Eater, the Rock Buster, the Rage
Shark Repellent, the Genetically Enhanced Gorilla Breaker, the Death
Pterodactyl Dance….A.K.A THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ F-5!

Another civilization conquered. The Warrior Poet makes his way back
to the Genocide Portal, to his throne of decay, back home to his kingdom
of holocaust not fully satisfied. For The Great Coward of Our Time,
Triple H, has yet to reveal himself.

On This Day…
ECW/NWA presented the famous 3 way dance between Terry Funk, Sabu, and Shane Douglas at the event titled ‘The Night The Line Was Crossed’. The match would influence the WWF/WCW in to holding similar matches for years to come:

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