Wrestling Classic

Hey Scott,

Watching the 85 Wrestling Classic, and I was struck by Adrian Adonis. I guess I always knew him as the fem-Adrian gimmick. But early in 85, he was in great shape, but by time the Wrestling Classic comes along in November he looks like he's been training with Playboy Buddy Rose. Was this just him getting lazy, or did he get an injury?

Secondly, with the early SNME's, were they just house shows that got filmed, or were they a part of the marathon tapings they used to do?

It was him getting lazy.  It was actually a MAJOR point of contention with Vince, because Adrian was playing this butch New Yorker and getting increasingly fat, so Vince punished him by giving him the Adorable gimmick to shame him into losing weight and/or quitting.  I'm not 100% sure why he suddenly lost all his motivation, but I think it was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy deal where he gained a bit of weight and Vince freaked out, so he let himself go even more as passive-aggressive reaction and it just got out of his control.  It's too bad because even big fat Adrian was pretty awesome in the ring for someone that size.  
And the SNMEs were part of the giant TV tapings they used to do.  If you think the taping schedule on Tuesday now is brutal that's nothing compared to 5 hours of squash matches broken up by podium interviews and an occasional Main Event taping.