Wrestlemania matches


On the Shawn Michaels DVD, HHH says the main event for Wrestlemania 23 was supposed to be HHH-Cena II, but Hunter's injury led to HBK being subbed in.  That would have been a re-match from Wrestlemania 22.  Do you know what the plan was?  I'm assuming HHH gets his win back from the previous year, while Shawn maybe participates in Money In The Bank or something?

One would assume so, but I don't think it's ever been definitively stated or anything. But didn't HHH end up with the belt later in the year?  So it seems likely.  

Along those lines, Wrestlemania 24 featured a fairly contrived Triple Threat with Cena vs. HHH vs. Orton.  Was that the plan all along, or was it just kind of thrown together (like a lot of the more recent three-way main events felt)?

God, all this stuff just runs together for me because I wasn't watching really closely during that period.  I THINK it was supposed to be Rumble winner Cena against WWE champion Orton and it got changed to HHH being in there somehow, but given we got HHH/Cena, HHH/Cena/Orton and then Orton/HHH, you can see how this stuff gets confusing after a while.  I'd have to check and see if the WONs from that time are archived on the site to tell you for sure.