BOD Daily Round-Up (2/4/13)

Flair to NXT with daughter Charlotte, Rosita gone from TNA (
‘Ric Flair is being advertised to appear at the 2/24 WWE NXT live event in Melbourne, Florida.’

Ryder’s pal gets TNA try-out (
‘ reports Zack Ryder’s friend, The Big O, got a tryout with TNA at a recent event.’

Piper full of compliments for Punk (
‘I think that CM Punk is fantastic,” Piper admitted. “He’s overcome a lot of
odds and he’s right there in the mainstream, I’m really proud of him.’


@CMPunk –
: I feel our tag team name needs to be our home town followed by the words “City Saints”.”
It’ll never work.
@DolphZiggler – “: HOESKI IS ON ITUNES RIGHT NOW!!!”
-download this, or the kid wont be on RAW! jk, he wont be on anyway

Comment of the Day 
Cabspaintedyellow agreed with the general consensus that Ryback’s character has come to a grinding halt:

I hate saying it, but I agree.

If Ryback was anything more than a streak and a catchphrase, he’d be a lot better off.

That said, he could be protected a whole hell of a lot better than he
has been. WWE used to get miles out of workers who, admittedly,
probably couldn’t do half of what little Ryback does. They used to be
able to book around limitations, accentuating the positives and building
a very limited performer into a viable, bankable star. Hell, if he’s
losing steam, it’s WWE’s fault for putting him in a position to choke,
in kayfabe. It’s like the old problem with Luger. Don’t keep putting him
in that position if you’re not going to pull the trigger.

On This Day…
ECW presented their ‘Double Tables’ event from the ECW Arena in Philly. Sabu and the Tasmaniac went over Public Enemy in the main event. (1995)

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