Taker’s WM status

Just wanted to get your view on other sites suggesting Taker might not compete at Wrestlemania this year. Is there some truth to this? Or is it people with no inside knowledge just trying to make a story out of nothing? I'm guessing the latter. If true though, do you think they insert Punk in the title match, making it a triple threat?

Nah, I'm pretty sure they'll get Punk into the World title match instead of whatever scrub wins Elimination Chamber.  Actually, I think it would be pretty cool if they had Punk beat Del Rio to start another glorious 434 day title reign, only to cut his victory promo saying so and have the Shield destroy him and ZIggler cash in to cut his title reign short at 40 seconds instead.  Ziggler can be all "ha ha, I hired the Shield" or whatever.  Poetic justice!  
Either that or Punk faces Ryback and Ryback can finally get his win back.  Actually I think that would be better because the dude is losing steam FAST.