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From: "Arda Ocal" <[email protected]>
Date: Feb 2, 2013 7:37 PM
Subject: NEW, MORE Bret to HHH: "He's not in the top 1000 wrestlers", "WM28 was 4 out of 10 at best"

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network, Baltimore Sun and Layfield Report spoke with former WWE Superstar Bret "HItman" Hart (@BretHart) AFTER his comments about Triple H made news. 
In the interview, Ocal asks what he makes of these comments gaining a large amount of attention. Hart stands his ground, even goes further with his stance:
– Gives Triple H vs Undertaker a grade: "I said I'd give (Taker vs HHH at WrestleMania 28) a 4-out-of-10. I think that was generous." and goes on to explain why
– "I wouldn't put him in the top 1000 great wrestlers. To me he was very mediocre."
– Questioning Triple H's originality and contributions to pro wrestling
Also in the interview:
–  comments on his appearance at the Montreal Screwjob panel at the Royal Rumble and if he's sick of telling that story. "Sometimes in talking about it you get a new perspective on it."
– says it doesn't bother him that Shawn doesn't really remember the incident. "It doesn't surprise me. Shawn had his problems back then."
– Having high praise for Alberto Del Rio and accepting his new nickname the "Canadian Del Rio"