BOD Daily Round-Up (2/3/13)

No MITB match at Wrestlemania (
‘There was talk of doing a Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 29 but WWE officials recently decided they do not want the match taking place on the biggest show of the year’

Bret has more to say on Triple H (
‘Hart mentioned that he stands by what he said about Triple H, and that he “wouldn’t put him in the top 1,000 greatest wrestlers”.’

Madden reacts to internet outburst on Rock winning WWE Title (

@JosephPark_ESQThis boy ain’t right…. And calls me a hamster?

@ExtremeRising – hmmmmmmm FORMER ECW ARENA TO REOPEN

Comment of the Day 
YJ2310 gives us a ‘Did You Know?’ worth mentioning:

Did You Know?
Warrior is #942 on the Bret Hart list of a 1000 wrestlers better than HHH.

On This Day…
The Mega Powers (of course) went over The Twin Towers of Akeem & The Big Boss Man on a Main Event taping. (1989)

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