Vince’s injury

Is Vince's broken hip legit, or just something to build up to a HHH/Brock rematch? And if it IS legit, did Lesnar just screw himself by basically crippling the owner or the company? Also, I know Vince thinks he's the Genetic Jackhammer, but did NOBODY think of saying, "Umm…. maybe you should let one of the younger guys take this one?" I'm sure there was at least one road agent the fans would recognize who could have soaked up the F5 instead of Vince. 

He needed to have legitimate hip surgery of some sort and they shot the angle to explain it, although apparently Vince has been super-secretive about the nature of the surgery and as a result his "injury" on TV moved from one body part to another.  Maybe he's having hip replacement surgery like Piper did?