Smackdown – February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013
Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
past the Rumble and a Raw guy won, meaning we need a #1 contender for
the world title. Odds are that’s going to be decided in the
Elimination Chamber but we’re still a few weeks away from that.
Anyway, the main story tonight is likely going to be Del Rio going
after Big Show for what he did to Ricardo on Monday in what I thought
was a solid heel moment from Big Show. Let’s get to it.

open with the ending of Raw with Lesnar returning and beating up
Vince. There’s also a clip of Del Rio retaining the title.
Rio is pacing in the parking lot with a ball bat in hand, apparently
waiting for Big Show.
is in the ring with HELL NO, Khali, Sheamus and Orton. Ziggler and
company are on the floor. Booker talks about how all of these people
are former world heavyweight champions and they can all get the title
back. All they have to do is win the Elimination Chamber which has
six spots. This is perfect since there are six people here but this
brings out…..Jack Swagger?
says he’s a former world champion as well (oh yeah he was wasn’t he)
and wants in the Chamber. Booker says the six spots are already
filled, but Ziggler volunteers to drop out since he’s got a
guaranteed title shot already. Apparently it’s Del Rio vs. Ziggler
later tonight. Right now though, WE GET A TAG MATCH!!!
Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. HELL NO
Mysterio (in green pants and an orange top) and Kane start things
off as JBL says Rey and Cara have both worked for AAA. I can’t find
any evidence of Cara ever working there at all but whatever. Rey
takes out Kane’s knee before the small masked guys hit double kicks
to the monster. Kane shrugs it off and brings in Bryan to a nice
reaction. Cara launches Rey into a seated senton on Bryan for two
but it’s back to Kane.
throws Rey around as is his custom before it’s back to Bryan for a
corner dropkick. Daniel avoids a 619 and we take a break. Back with
Bryan working on Cara’s arm but as Daniel goes up, he gets kicked in
the head. That doesn’t do much good though as Cara gets kicked down
and a middle rope dropkick puts him down again. A quick surfboard
has Cara in trouble and a tag to Kane puts him in even more.
loads up what might have been a superplex but gets kicked away. A
cross body is caught in the air but Cara spins into a tornado DDT to
put both guys down. The hot tag brings in Mysterio and things speed
way up. Bryan counters a rana but gets kicked in the head by Rey for
two. Kane breaks up the 619 and kicks Cara down, only to get sent to
the floor by a rana from Mysterio. There’s the NO Lock to Rey but
Cara comes in for the save. Sin takes out Kane on the floor and it’s
619 and the top rope splash to pin Bryan at 8:07 shown of 11:37.
B. This was getting really good
by the end which makes me wish we had gotten to see this pairing a
lot more often than the champions against the Rhodes Scholars. It’s
nice to see Mysterio get a big win in his hometown instead of getting
crushed as he has in the past. Now if only he and Cara can stick
around for more than six weeks at a time.
recap Big Show vs. Del Rio from Sunday and Ricardo’s beating from
Rio is waiting on Big Show and tells Striker he’s getting some fresh
Khali vs. Jinder Mahal
is fallout from Raw. Khali chops him a lot to start but Mahal takes
him down and hooks a front facelock. That goes about as well as you
would expect on a guy like Khali as Mahal is thrown off. Slater and
Horny chase each other around as Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge for
the pin at 1:52.
tells Booker that he brought Swagger back. The Rhodes Scholars
interrupt the conversation and talk about splitting up the team.
Sandow quotes some French author and the Scholars hug. The end
result of this is Sheamus vs. Sandow.
recap the ending of Raw from Monday and see an exclusive of Vince
being taken away on a stretcher.
is still waiting. These segments alone are letting him show more
emotion than he’s had in the last year and a half combined.
we recap the end of the Rumble.
vs. Damien Sandow
immediately bails to the floor but gets run over from behind by
Sheamus. Back in and Damien gets in some stomps and a choke with the
knee as Sheamus is in a bit of trouble. A Russian legsweep sets up
the Wind-Up Elbow for one. Sheamus starts firing back but Sandow
pounds on him in the corner to take over in a surprising comeback.
The real comeback by Sheamus starts with the usual and even though
Sandow escapes White Noise, he gets caught in the ten forearms in the
ropes. Not that any of it matters though as Shield comes out for the
DQ at 3:00 or so. No rating due to length but the match was ok.
hits the Brogue Kick on Rollins as he comes in but Ambrose trips him
up and the Irishman is beaten down. Rollins gets back in and the
TripleBomb hits.
Barrett vs. Randy Orton
and crackers haven’t we seen this enough lately? Orton starts fast
and knocks Barrett to the floor early on. Back in and Wade hits a
kick to the ribs and one to the jaw as well for two. A neckbreaker
gets two for the champ (non-title here of course) and Orton is in
puts him in the ropes for his running boot to the face but it only
gets two. Off to a chinlock but Orton snap mares out of it. Here
come the clotheslines and powerslam but Barrett heads to the floor.
Barrett loads up the Bull Hammer but it hits the post in a wince
inducing miss. Back in and the Elevated DDT hits, setting up the RKO
for the clean pin at 4:04.
C-. The problem here is these
two do the same match almost every time so it’s hard to get into
them. Also it’s rather annoying to see Barrett lose clean like this,
especially after they’ve traded so many wins so many times already.
That forearm to the post looked incredibly painful though.
break Barrett gets in a fight backstage with Bo Dallas.
Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
looks exactly the same other than having his hair slicked back. No
pushups here either. Jack immediately takes it to the mat and Kofi
is in trouble. Kofi fights out of the corner but gets his head taken
off via a clothesline. Kingston speeds things up but gets LAUNCHED
to the corner for his efforts. The Vader Bomb hits for one and
there’s another beal across the ring.
fights up but gets caught in a kind of suplex to take him right back
down. Off to a half camel clutch by Swagger before he shifts over to
a regular armbar. Kofi finally fights up and takes over with his
usual stuff. The Boom Drop hits but Jack rolls to the floor.
There’s a big clothesline off the steps to take Swagger out but
Trouble in Paradise hits the table. Back in and the ankle lock ends
this at 7:10.
C. The match was fine but at
the end of the day he’s the same Jack Swagger we’ve seen and been
bored by for years now. There’s no new character, there’s no new
moveset, there’s no new anything. Kofi continues to be the same guy
he’s going to be for the next five years or so and there’s still
nothing wrong with that.
tries to calm Del Rio down but Big Show’s bus arrives. Del Rio goes
after him so Show tries to steal a car. Alberto gets him on top of
the car and pounds away but Show kicks him off and runs to a car that
just happened to be waiting with the keys in it.
recap Punk challenging Rock to a rematch.
Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio
again here. Ricardo is in the back with Del Rio but he’s in a
neckbrace so Alberto tells him to stay in the back for his own good.
Feeling out process to start until Alberto pounds away in the corner.
The middle rope moonsault misses but the champion rolls through it
anyway. A kick to the face gets two for Alberto but he charges into
the post shoulder first. Dolph DDTs him down for two and gets the
same off a neckbreaker. Off to a quick chinlock by Ziggler as we
look at AJ a bit.
Rio fights up and snaps off a German suplex to break Dolph’s
momentum. Alberto loads up a moonsault but an AJ distraction lets
Langston break it up. That gets two for Ziggy but even worse his
goon gets ejected. We take a break and come back with Del Rio trying
to fight back, only to get his leg kicked out from under him.
Ziggler goes up but gets crotched as AJ cringes. A BIG kick to
Ziggler’s head has him in even more trouble and a superplex gets two
for Alberto.
slug it out and Ziggler misses a splash in the corner. Del Rio fires
off more kicks and a low superkick gets two. The cross armbreaker is
escaped though and a Fameasser gets two for Dolph. Ziggler misses a
charge into the corner and Alberto pounds away on the back before
hitting a Backstabber for two. The champion goes up again but jumps
into a dropkick for a VERY close two. Out of nowhere Alberto
counters the Zig Zag into the armbreaker for the tap out at 10:08
shown of 13:38.
B. Another solid match from Del
Rio here as he is on a huge roll. Ziggler jobs again but at least
it’s another great match with a champion. The counters here were
getting awesome with both guys nailing each other with some high
impact stuff. Great match here and I was really getting into it by
the end.
the shock of no one, Big Show has Ricardo by the neck and knocks him
out after yelling at Del Rio. Alberto sprints to the back to be with
his buddy as the show ends.
B. This was a great
show with two excellent matches and some solid story advancement to
build up to the Chamber. Alberto continues to be awesome on all
fronts with his mic work more than backing up what he does in the
ring and vice versa. I’m not sure I need to see Del Rio vs. Big Show
III but a regular match might be interesting. Godd stuff here.
Cara/Rey Mysterio b. HELL NO – Top rope splash to Bryan
Khali b. Jinder Mahal – Punjabi Plunge
Sandow vs. Sheamus went to a no contest when Shield interfered
Orton b. Wade Barrett – RKO
Swagger b. Kofi Kingston – Ankle Lock
Del Rio b. Dolph Ziggler – Cross Armbreaker
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