Post-WM Raw.

WrestleMania has begun to take shape and it is consuming your blog like a symbiotic suit. Now let's get irrational and put the cart way before the horse.

 Looking back on the last 15 years, it seems that the only show that arguably rivals WrestleMania in terms of significance is in fact is RAW the very next night.  These milestone episodes tend to be trendsetting and even embody the direction the WWF/E was going in the for the 12 months following.     The finer examples:

1998: the rumblings of Austin/McMahon, formation of DX 2.0, Rocky usurps Faarooq as leader of the N.O.D
1999: Triple H begins his ascension
2001: A post-Nitro world, the beginning of the Heel Austin era and The Power Trip formation
2002: The resurrection of Hulk Hogan
2003: Goldberg
2008: Flair's Goodbye
2010: HBK's Goodbye
2011: Rock/Cena for WM28
2012: Brock Lesnar's return.

Last year's case almost seemed like a perfect storm with Brock retiring from MMA at just at the right time so it will be hard to top.  It's early as hell but given your clairvoyance and what everyone seems to believe is going to happen on April 7th, what do you think will and/or should happen at what essentially the second most important show of the year?  

Dolph cashing in? WMXXX main event set? Big surprise return?

If I had to put money down, I'd say BIG DAVE returns to challenge WWE champion John Cena for Extreme Rules.