BOD Daily Round-Up (2/2/13)

Punk invites gun victim to WWE shows and gives him a surprise call (
‘The radio show surprised Dotterer by having Punk call in. Punk praised
Dotterer for his “positive mental attitude” and said that he would get
him special seats to the upcoming WWE live event in Syracuse on March 3′

Jake Roberts added to Night of Legends 2 card (
‘Jake “The Snake” Roberts is set to appear at Night of the Legends II: Unfinished Business
on Saturday, April 13, at Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro, VA.
Roberts will be at the event to meet and greet fans, and to once again
step inside the squared circle.’

Madden on TNA and how they can cut costs without diminishing show quality/ratings (
‘It’s time to try the Jarrett/Lawler way of doing things: Cut payroll
until you show profit. Trim the fat. You’re not running a charity.
YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY. For a wrestling promotion, there is no
greater good.’

@Maffewgregg – You know it’s NATIONAL PRO WRESTLING DAY because Jack Swagger’s returned to SmackDown!

@SullivanBooks – My guess: Trish would prefer Lilian to induct her, but will end up with Lita.

Comment of the Day 
CulturebUlly makes me feel a little better about travelling from England to Miami to see the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ bout between Rocky/Cena:

Technically, the first match between Rock and Cena WAS once in a
lifetime. They will never have another first match. The rematch is
also… once in a lifetime!

On This Day…
Randy Savage defeated Sting in the main event of WCW Nitro. The Steiners also took on the team of Kevin Nash and Buff Bagwell. You can see the entire show below. (1998)

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