a look at the numbers….

> Scott,
> Everyone is upset with Rock/Cena, cause they're sick of Super-Cena and don't want to see him win again and it's never going to end…. but I was thinking about this:
> – During the first ten WrestleManias, the biggest stars were Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, with Hogan clearly the bigger star. But he was done after WrestleMania IX and Savage done after Mania X.
> – The next ten WrestleManias, the biggest stars were Steve Austin and The Rock with Austin clearly the bigger star, and Austin was done after IX and the  Rock done after WrestleMania XX.
> – So WrestleManias 21 – 28 have featured John Cena and Randy Orton as the biggest stars at the time (maybe HHH instead of Orton, but I don't think so), with Cena the bigger star of the two. If the pattern holds, then this will be the last time we see Cena at a WrestleMania, and Orton will be done next year.
> I mean, probably not, but it's kind of comforting though if you really hate Cena.
> – Joe