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Episode 192: Summerslam 1998

In this new episode of the PTB Podcast Vintage Vault, Scott, Justin and Austin Pfaff hit the Highway to Hell to review the iconic Summerslam 1998. They chat about Val Venis, Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Mankind, Kane, DX, Undertaker and more.

And Justin may have some things to say about the AFC Championship Game too.

So fire up this action packed episode, don your crown and join Scott, Justin & Austin for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

Episode 193: Headlines

In this super loaded all new episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott, Justin & Kyle Forchetti hit up the headlines in the world of wrestling and sports.

They start with a lengthy, detailed discussion on the state of ROH, TNA and WWE and then give their Royal Rumble predictions, their views on where WWE is headed for Wrestlemania and run through the news from this past week.

Following that, they preview the Super Bowl and upcoming NFL offseason. They then discuss the tentative plans for the PTB Wrestlemania Weekend before wrapping up the show.

So join Scott, Justin & Kyle in firing up the newest action packed episode of the PTB Podcast!

Episode 194: Interview w/ James J. Dillon, Part Two

In this long awaited new episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott & Justin are once again joined by the legendary James J. Dillon for an in depth retrospective interview on the latter half of his career. This is another must listen for all fans as JJ has done and seen it all across five decades in the business.

They talk about JJ's transition to the WWF office, his role in the company, relationship with Vince McMahon, the steroid trials, JJ's departure for WCW, his relationship with Eric Bischoff, thoughts on Chris Jericho & Goldberg, plus much more. JJ also wraps with a very emotional story about his reunion with McMahon at the 2012 Hall of Fame ceremony.

So sit back and enjoy this newest styling and profiling episode of the PTB Podcast!

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– John Walters
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New episodes return starting February 4th & 5th!

– Breakdown 1998 Vintage Vault
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