NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #29

January 29, 2003
A brief video package of the XXX vs. AMW tag-title match from last week is shown.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The arena goes dark and then the spotlight shines in the stands and we see Raven, wearing the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title belt that he stole from Jarrett last week, sitting on the balcony stairs. Raven runs down the previous NWA title holders but says that a change is going on and Jarrett doesn’t seem to understand. He then says that some might call him mad, twisted, an evil genius or perhaps insane but says it doesn’t matter as the fans are degenerates and cockroaches. He says that he will show Jarrett the errors of his ways by “urinating in his bone marrow” and “ripping off his neck and using it as a latrine.” He quotes a wise man, saying how you remember the things you survive more than the things you enjoy. Raven then welcomes us to his “Clockwork Orange House of Fun” and says “Quoth the Raven.” Right after he finishes, Jeff Jarrett nails him with a trashcan. He drags Raven towards the ring then reaches underneath and pulls out a table. He nails Raven with a chair then follows him in the ring. Jarrett then removes the belt from Raven’s waist and rams it against his face. He lays Raven on the table and grabs a trashcan before heading up top. All of a sudden, Vince Russo runs in, wearing is Yankee jersey, and cuts off Jarrett. Raven climbs up top and suplexes Jarrett through the table. After that, Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings, and AMW run in as Raven and Russo bail, with Russo grabbing the belt. A decent appearance from Raven but it was far from memorable. I believe the WWE had some sort of gag order on him at this time but don’t hold me to that as I am totally basing this off of my memory.

Goldylocks is backstage with Jorge Estrada. Goldy asks him about his exchange with Mike Sanders last week. Estrada plays it off as if nothing happened, stating how Sanders extended an olive branch and offered him a job in SEX. Goldy asks if he took the job and he doesn’t give an answer. He then says that nothing has been going his way lately and asks Goldy what she would do in this situation. I have no clue why they are wasting time on Estrada. He sucks out loud.
A Video package airs, featuring SEX. It mixes clips from the past several weeks along with black and white lettering saying things like “SEX Sells” and “You Can’t Live Without SEX.” It also said how tradition, Bullet Bob, and even “You” all suck. It then says all proceeds of the SEX T-Shirt will go to Vince Russo and that if you do not buy one, XXX will kill you. This goes on for a few minutes before it segues into clips of Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, and Rave joining TNA. A long video that can easily make a fan tune out and lose focus.
Amazing Red vs. Jorge Estrada
Both guys engage in a series of decent reversals and counters before ending in a standoff. Estrada fucks up an armdrag spot then Red takes him down with another one before hitting a dropkick. Estrada bails as Tenay tells us that a former associate of his will be here tonight to answer his plea to stand with the NWA. Red teases a dive then kicks Estrada before moonsaulting off the apron. Estrada dodges the 718 and snaps his neck off the ropes. He misses a split-legged moonsault and Red climbs up top. Estrada also goes up and cuts Red off before hitting the All Shook Up, which gets two. Estrada flapjacks Red and gets a single leg crab. Red reaches the ropes then dodges Estrada. He lands a few kicks but gets backdropped on the apron. Estrada knocks him down with a springboard dropkick that did not appear to make any contact. He follows that with a leg drop to the back of Red’s head and that gets two. Estrada works on Red in the corner then grabs a chinlock. Red escapes but gets taken down with a clothesline, which gets two. Estrada charges at Red in the corner but he is able to hook himself onto Estrada. He tries the Code Red but Estrada drops him then picks him up and Red hits the move, getting two. Red goes up topbut comes up short and Estrada turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex, which gets two. Estrada tries for a superplex but Red shoves him off and hits the Infrared, followed by the Red Star Press for the win (6:17) ¾*. Mike Sanders then enters the ring and offers Estrada a spot in SEX, saying he has what it takes and needs an answer. Estrada says no then pushes Sanders then knocks him down. He has Sanders in the corner but Disco Infernno runs out and beats Estrada with a chair. Sanders welcomes Inferno as the Director of Talent Development, but refers to him as Glen Gilbertti. Tenay referred to him as a “Jackass.”
Thoughts: The match sucked, primarily due to Estrada, but the main focus was on Estrada and his relationship with SEX and the re-introduction of Gilbertti into NWA-TNA.
Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. She asks him about all the problems in TNA, specifically the title belt getting stolen. Jarrett then runs in and pins Armstrong against the wall, demanding that he get Raven and Russo in the ring. Killings then runs in and pulls Jarrett off as the two yell at each other.
David Flair vs. Jerry Lynn
Flair comes out with his burlap sack, which Lynn takes as he enters the ring. Flair bails as the ref throws it on the steps. Lynn chases Flair around the ring to start. In the ring, Lynn hits a dropkick. He gets a corner clothesline and a bulldog, getting two. He beats the crap out of Flair, who spills outside after running into the post. Lynn chops Flair against the guardrail but Flair ducks a punch and crotches Lynn on the guardrail He chops Lynn and rolls Lynn back in the ring. He covers and gets two. Slam by Flair who heads up top. Lyn cuts him off and slams him off the top. Jumping back elbow smash gets two. Legdrop gets two. Lynn works the leg then puts on the Figure Four. The crowd is dead at this point, with Flair breaking the hold then throwing Lynn into the referee. He goes for the sack but Lynn cuts him off. Killings comes out and grabs the sack. He swings it at Flair, who dragged Lynn into his path and Lynn gets nailed. Flair covers and gets the pin (5:11) ½*. 
Thoughts: Flair is probably the worst wrestler in the promotion. He cant wrestle and doesn’t show even a hint of personality. Lynn tried really hard here to not turn it into a complete embarrassment.
A video recap of BG James turning his back on his family and aligning with Russo.
Tenay is with BG James in an interview that was taped before the show. He starts by asking James about his upbringing in a wrestling family. James said it was great, because he wanted to be a wrestler, but he is also a Sports Entertainer. He then brings up Jarrett and him in his first WWF stint, playing up that as a conflict. James says that his gimmick then sucked but he became a star in WWF with the help from Vince Russo. James says his family is jealous of him for selling out MSG, having dolls and his fame from the WWF. All of a sudden, Scott Armstrong comes out and is pissed that BG thinks his family is jealous of him. Tenay then asks for the camera to stop rolling and the segment ends. This segment did a great job at accomplishing nothing.
AMW grab the mic from Borash and go into the ring. Harris says when TNA first started, they were known as “America’s Most Unknown” tag team. He then says they always give 110% and eventually won the belts, holding them for 16 weeks. He yells at Russo, stating that they lost the belts last week because the match was 3 vs. 2 and demand a rematch tonight. Storm says he and Harris have busted their asses for nine years to get to TNA. He calls out XXX and promises to kick their ass, before saying “Sorry about your damn luck.” All of a sudden, BG James comes out with SEX, but informs us that XXX is not here tonight. BG makes some really corny puns before telling them they will get a lesson in “Group SEX” as a 6 on 2 beatdown occurs. All of a sudden, the Rock & Roll Express run out with chairs and clear the ring. After SEX escapes, the Express turns on AMW and bash then with chairs. The refs come out and clear the ring of the Express. Tenay is having a Don-West like moment in regards to the Express aligning with Russo. The Rock and Rolls look terrible and are sporting beer guts. Zbyszko looks a lot better than they did.
Mike Sanders vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
Some of the crowd boos Killings as Tenay questions were his allegiance lies. Sanders punches away in the corner. Killings hits a hiptoss and an armdrag before getting two off of a wheelbarrow slam. Sanders works the leg for a while and puts on a leg lace as Killings reaches the ropes. He then grapevines the leg as Tenay brings up his “former associate” who will be here tonight. Truth gets up and hits a Downward Spiral but Sanders goes right back to the leg. The crowd is just dead right now. He places Killings up top then carries him and drops him in the middle of the ring and puts on a single leg crab. Killings reaches the ropes then fights back but Sanders dropkicks the leg and goes back to work. Sanders plays to the crowd and Killings hits a missile dropkick. He hits a flying forearm and a backdrop. Powerslam gets two. Killings floats over but sells the leg when he lands. He ducks an attack and hits a leg lariat as David Flair comes down to the ring. Jerry Lynn also runs down and beats on Flair and takes his sack. Killings sees this as Lynn goes on the apron but he knees him for some reason and Sanders rolls him up for the win (7:31) *3/4. Tenay sells this as Killings and Lynn “collided” with each other but that clearly did not take place. After the match, Lynn and Killings argue then shove each other. Lynn then walks away.
Thoughts: The match wasn’t bad but the crowd was dead. The deal with Killings possibly joining SEX is okay, as SEX needs someone capable of becoming a star in the group, but the fueding with Lynn is going nowhere.
Goldylocks is with the Rock and Roll Express in the SEX locker room. She asks why the turned their backs on the NWA. Morton tells her that back when they had to work for their meals, and when the girls’ tits were real, they knew what Sports Entertainment was all about. Says they were the first with a pyro and lights. Armstrong cuts them off and tells them to screw themselves for crossing the NWA and that they will have to face AMW tonight.
AJ Styles comes out to the ring in his new shirt, which says “The X Styles,” spoofing the “X Files” show logo. The crowd starts an “AJ Sucks” chant as he states how he is not with Mortimer Plumtree, Vince Russo, or SEX. He also says that he is done with the X Division and wants the shot at the NWA-TNA championship, naming off all his accomplishments and people he has pinned, including Larry Zbyszko. He then says he will not leave the ring until he has the belt in his hands tonight. Raven interrupts and asks AJ if he has been paying attention, because he has the title. He then tells AJ to go back to the X Division as he is not ready or even the same league as him. AJ disses Raven, asking if that’s a syringe in his skirt or is he just happy to see him. Raven retaliates tells AJ that he looks like “Elton John’s life partner wearing an N Sync starter kit.” AJ then tells Raven to go to the SEX locker room and shoot up heroin. Raven drops the belt and the two have an intense stare down. They get in each others faces and a few referees come out to separate the two men. Jeff Jarrett then runs out and beats up both men before taking back his belt. He then walks away as his music hits. This segment didn’t click and we did not need Jarrett to play the hero again, either.
The camera cuts to Tenay and West taking about Jarrett until Larry Zbyszko walks out in his ring gear. AJ is getting himself off the mat as Larry gets a mic. He tells AJ that he sees a lot of him in AJ. He says that he didn’t have the knowledge then, like AJ, but he had the talent, like AJ. He tells AJ he can the life of a “wrestling star” but needs to go to the school of hard knocks. He then says if AJ can beat him twice in ten minutes, he will do everything in his power to get a title shot. He even “double dog” dares him and AJ rejects but gets slapped. AJ fights back and the bell rings.
AJ Styles vs. Larry Zbyszko
AJ beats on Larry in the corner as West ells us that if AJ fails to beat Larry in ten minutes, then Larry gets to be his manager. He gets a slam and a standing senton before showing off to the crowd. Larry catches him in an abdominal stretch then turns it into an inside cradle. He stretches AJ on the mat, who gets his foot on the ropes. Larry takes him down with a snapmare and uses the Stump Puller. AJ kicks out of that but Larry gets a backdrop. Larry puts him in a full nelson for a bit. Slam by Larry who uses a standing figure-four, using the ropes for leverage. Back suplex gets two. Larry goes for a chinlock as part of the crowd starts his name. Larry works a hammerlock as AJ cannot escape. He stretches out AJ some more until getting a nearfall on a small package. AJ then floats over on a slam attempt and hits an inverted DDT for the pin (5:53). A clock pops up on the screen as AJ slaps Larry. AJ misses a corner splash and Larry eventually puts him in a Boston Crab. Mortimer Plumtree runs out and cheers on AJ. He gets into it with Larry  then speaks AJ some brass knuckles. Larry kicks him down and the knuckles go out of the ring. Clock is down to two minutes as Plumtree is on the apron. He throw powder at Larry, who ducks, and gets taken down with a forearm. Larry gets a swinging neckbreaker on AJ for two. AJ fights back and hits a dropkick as one minute remains left in the match. Plumtree wedges a chair in the corner but both men collide and hit the mat. Larry reverses a whip and AJ goes into the chair. Larry rolls him up and gets two as the final seconds run off and the match ends (10:00) **. After the match, Plumtree is in the ring irate and on the verge of a breakdown.
Thoughts: This was much better than their first encounter. Zbyszko did fine and can move around well for a guy who is almost 50 years old. As far as him pairing up with AJ, it doesn’t appear to be helpful to AJ.
Goldylocks is in the ring and introduces Percy Pringle. Goldy says she has done her research and calls Percy a pioneer of the business. She then asks him how it felt to be humiliated by Russo a few weeks ago. He says the first week in April, he will be at the Cauliflower Alley Club receiving an honor. He says that unlike Russo, he has worked hard and will never know what it’s like to be honored at that club. He says when he was bleeding all over the stairs, he could see Russo’s face in every drop of blood. He promises that he is not going anywhere then Tony Schiavone comes in the ring, wearing an ugly orange Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, exposing a t-shirt of the band “Kiss.” Tony sucks up to Pringle for a bit until he says that watching Pringle kiss Russo’s ass made him sick and he would never stoop that low. Tony asks why has he not had a job in wrestling in two years. He asks Goldylocks for an interview and asks why is she with TNA then answers because it is “tits and ass.” He tells her that she makes Pamela Paulshock look like Diane Sawyer then tells her she should be holding something else besides a microphone. Tenay is fed up on commentary as Schiavone invites him in the ring. He says that he drove Tenay around in WCW then asks how his family is doing. Schiavone says that he was in NWA in 1983 with Harley Race  and there for Magnum TA’s car wreck while he was in Vegas writing dirt sheets. Schiavone says that Jarrett never returned his calls and that he was told by others that Tenay didn’t want to work with him because he felt that he was being held won in WCW. An irate Tenay says he went out of his way to make Tony’s job easier. Schiavone says “bullshit” to the fact that Russo cost him is job in WCW and that Russo “jumped on the Titanic” and it was going down anyway. The crowd starts a “shut the fuck up” chant at Schiavone as he is listing off things from different eras that Tenay would have buried. Russo then interrupts and wants to talk facts with Tenay. All three yell over each other until Russo pulls Tenay. He tells Schaivone that Tenay has “bullshit” between his ears and does not listen to any word he has to say. He says he only gives a shit about himself then runs down Tenay before telling him to blow him as Russo welcomes Schiavone to the SEX family and offers him a job. Tenay isn’t surprised and recalls Schiavone’s motto of “anyway the wind blows,” how he will kiss anyone’s ass. Tony calls out Tenay and says that Scott Hudson could do his job and he is sitting at home in Georgia. Tony and Russo walk out as Tenay tells Tony that he is and always was all about politics. Why would anyone care about any of this? The crowd didn’t and basically crapped all over this stuff.
Video of last week’s confrontation between Sonny Siaki & Desire against Kid Kash & Trinity.
Desire & Sonny Siaki vs. Trinity & Kid Kash
Kash and Siaki start off by trading armdrags. He chops Siaki in the corner but Siaki catches him on a crossbody attempt and turns it into a fallaway slam, getting two. They trade chops then Kash gets a double springboard rana. Kash leaps off the top and Siaki hits him with a clothesline in a mistimed spot. Kash ducks a kick and catches Siaki with a roundhouse. Kash then hits the 130 (springboard somersault kick) from across the ring which sends Siaki to the floor. Trinity then hits him with a moonsault .Siaki goes back in and blocks a jumping DDT and sends Kash into the corner with a Northern Lights Suplex. The girls tag in and Desire shoves Trinity into the corner. Trinity comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and turns that into a cross armbreaker in an impressive sequence. She catches Desire with a drop toehold and an armdrag. Dropkick gets two. She hits a few European uppercuts and gets two off an enziguiri. Desire escapes from a go-behind and boots down Trinity, getting two. Vertical suplex gets two. Tag to Siaki and he presses her above his head then drops her on the ropes throat first. Clothesline by Siaki and he taunts Kash. He hits an overhead belly-to-belly and tags Desire. Athena comes out and jumps on the apron, getting into it with Desire. Trinity then rolls her up from behind and gets the win (6:16) *1/4.
Thoughts: The match really broke down at the end. Trinity did some impressive stuff and Desire worked much better with her than she did with April Hunter.
Immediately after the match, Schiavone comes out and gets into it Tenay again, mocking him for knowing the names of the moves. He refers to Athena as a slut. Schiavone goes to interview Siaki, who is irate. He tries to calm him down and wants to know about his match with Red next week. Konna then comes out with a kendo stick and beats the shit out of Siaki. He goes out to Tenay and yells at him, stating that he is the problem and will give him an interview next week. Tenay yet again mentions how Konnan does not have a contract with TNA. The cops and Bert Prentice drag him away.
Goldy is out back with Jarrett. He says he doesn’t care who he has to face and tells Russo he will regret the day he ever met him.
Rock & Roll Express vs. America’s Most Wanted
Not to stray off topic, but I always felt that Robert Gibson looks inbred. Anyway, AMW attack the Express as soon as they enter the ring. The Express bail and Morton enters against Storm. Morton cant get Storm over for a hiptoss and eats a clothesline and a superkick. AMW double team Morton for a bit and Harris dropkicks Gibson off the apron. The Express regroups outside again and Gibson tags and faces Harris. Gibson gets a shoulderblock but gets caught with a slam. Morton enters and he gets slammed. Tag to Storm who hits Gibson with a missile dropkick as Harris holds him up. Morton gets dumped outside and Gibson gets hit with a double clothesline. Morton trips up Storm and tags in. Double clothesline by the Express and Gibson tosses him outside then roughs him up as the ref is with Harris. Back in the ring, Storm fights back against Morton until he gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. He gets taken down with a clothesline and Gibson tags in. Storm cannot get him over for the sunset flip and Gibson roughs him up. Elbow smash and he hits Harris, who complains to the refs, allowing the Express to double team Storm. They work on Storm and they appear gassed. Storm misses a corner splash and Morton teases Harris, allowing the Express to cheat. Storm hits a double clothesline and tries to make the tag. He finally does and Harris goes wild. Gibosn gets knocked to the floor and they set up for the Death Sentence. In a very, very contrived spot, the ref looks at Harris, who then goes over to Gibson as he attempts to head into the ring, ignoring the pin attempt. Elix Skipper then leaps off the top and hits Storm with the belt, allowing Morton to get the pin (8:48) ¼*. After the match, the Disciples of the New Church attack Skipper as the crowd starts an “evil” chant. Mitchell is not with them.
Thoughts: Terrible match. The Rock & Rolls could barely move and were reduced to stalling and using cheap heel tactics the entire match. Morton also seemed tanked. The referee stuff all looked bad and the finish played out awkwardly. Looks like the New Church is going to be the babyface team against XXX but not sure about their role against the rest of TNA.
Don West runs down next week’s show:
Elimination Match: Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings vs. Mike Sanders vs. David Flair
Amazing Red vs. Sonny Siaki for the X Division Title
New Church vs. XXX for the Tag-Titles
The camera goes out back as Schiavone is in the SEX locker room with Raven. Russo then wants to add a match for next week, Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett. Raven grabs the mic and wants the match now and says if he has any balls, he would put up the belt right now. Jarrett busts through the door and beats on Raven. He drags him into the ring and beats him with a chair. Russo tries to stop but he gets shoved. Jarrett then walks into the ring and Raven hits the Even Flow. Raven sets up the chair and hits a drop toehold as Russo pushes a table into the ring but the leg is open and it gets stuck on the ropes, taking forever. Raven sets up Jarrett on the top turnbuckle but Jarrett blocks the superplex attempt and puts Raven through the table then hits him with the belt. Jarrett calls for the microphone and calls Russo in the ring but AJ Styles comes in and hits him from behind. AJ hits Jarrett with the Stroke onto the title belt then grabs it and walks away. West and Tenay, again, speculate as to what is going on and Tenay yells at Russo and Raven to stop.
Final Thoughts: A really bad show and a complete waste of ten dollars. The wrestling stunk and the Schiavone/Tenay stuff took up way too much time, as did the rest of the nonsense. The Schiavone thing was just a one night deal so he will not be back again. The Raven segments were disappointing to be honest, but still easily the best thing on the show. They look to be building towards a three-way with Jarrett going up against Raven and AJ, which is fine because those are easily the two best heels on the roster. SEX is taking up way too much time. Adding Raven helps but the rest of the faction, besides XXX and maybe Sanders, is lacking. There are a dozen members in the group and they are still recruiting. Every heel on the roster seems to be aligned with SEX as well, besides lower level X guys like the Hotshots, David Young and Tony Mamaluke among others.