BOD Daily Round-Up (2/1/13)

Is TNA filled with washed up WWE stars? A question pitched to TNA champ Jeff Hardy (
‘ has an interview with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, who was promoting the upcoming TNA live event in Detroit on Friday, February 22nd’

‘TNA President Dixie Carter confirmed on tonight’s episode of Impact
Wrestling that the show will go on the road “permanently” starting in
‘Hulk Hogan
is suing the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Florida for $50 million,
claiming that the clinic performed unnecessary surgeries between
February 2009 and August 2010.’

@CMPunk – 2013. Year of peace.

@facdaniels – Entertain, Piss Off & Excite was a proposed name for our tag team! True story!

Comment of the Day 
ETB757 agrees with one of my single most pet hates in modern wrestling – a complete lack of  a division:

Cancelling the IC Cup so Barrett can feud with Bo Dallas is asinine. Why
can’t there be more than one person challenging for a title at a given
time? Isn’t that what makes a division?

On This Day…
ECW presented ‘Crossing The Line AGAIN’ which pitted Raven against none other than ‘Doctor Death’ Steve Williams in a match for the ECW Title. (1997)

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