HHH/Brock II

Now that it looks like we're getting HHH/Brock II at Wrestlemania, I'd like to know your opinion behind the reasoning for this match. While the prospect of Rock/Cena II has raised the ire of many a smark, I guess it is palatable in the sense that it will make shitloads of money (again) and they did have an entertaining match last year. In your opinion, when it comes to booking HHH/Brock II at Mania, what is the reasoning behind it? Their program in the summer as far as I know didn't exactly set the world on fire and their match was forgettable. Do you think it's possible that the only reason we're getting HHH/Brock II is purely for HHH to be involved in a match with the infamous Brock Lesnar, sharing a double billing with movie star The Rock Vs John Cena, at an event that could turn out to be the highest grossing PPV of all time?

Hey man, HHH and Brock have to eat too.  HHH has three kids to support!  And Shawn Michaels!  You want to take the food right out of his babies' mouths?   DO YOU? And Shawn needs hair restoration, that s--- ain't cheap!