BOD Daily Round-Up (1/31/13)


IC Title Cup Tournament – OFF. Well, that was fun while it lasted.. (
‘WWE Superstar and Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, has confirmed
on Twitter that the Intercontinental Cup scheduled to start on this
week’s episode of WWE Main Event, has officially been cancelled.’

Dixie’s yearly ‘Huge Announcement!’ scheduled for Impact (
‘TNA President Dixie Carter has been promoting a “major announcement” for
several days, including an interview with The American where she
discussed the challenges of expanding globally and competing with WWE’s
10 hours of TV programming every week.’

Generico officially signs with WWE (
‘El Generico has passed his medical testing and officially signed with WWE’

@AntonioCesaro – “: Tonight on the buffet table for : Swiss cheese! ” American attempt at humor I suppose

@CMPunk – “: go to bed”
Can’t. Need to maintain eye bags so the twelve year old have something to talk about.

Comment of the Day 
EricGriffith feels Cena as a face could have worked, had this happened:

You know when they messed up? The PPV after WM last year. They had
EVERYONE (even the smarks) sympathizing with Cena during that beat down
at the hands of Lesnar. If they had just pulled the trigger and given
Lesnar the win and done an injury angle with Cena it would have been
maybe possible to get him full face. The storytelling possibilities with
Lesnar and Cena from there would have been endless. Presumably leading
to monster Brock FINALLY getting his comeuppance after a year of
bloodying everyone.

On This Day…
ECW held the Hostile City Showdown, where Sabu/RVD took on The Dudleys in the main event. (1998) (Below is their FMW match from the same year)

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