Since I'm actually going to WM this year, I continue to try and come up with ways to avoid the seemingly inevitable Cena/Rock2 and HHH/Brock2 co-main.

After last night's developments, why not hot shot HHH/Brock2 to elimination chamber?  Have Brock go over clean again.  Then have HHH turn to UT the other man he could not beat, but a man he respects and who respects the WWE, and do UT/Brock at WM.  Huge match, wasn't done as recently, has the UFC "altercation" to draw upon, and people won't freak out when Brock loses to UT at WM.
Then instead of feeding Punk to UT – a match that makes no sense on many levels – put him into the main event at WM as a 3-way match.  (Cena can still pin Rock, giving Punk an in to face Cena for the title again after WM.)
It's relatively simple, doesn't require any turns, and makes the co-mains much fresher.
Any chance?

I know people really hate it, but they're going straightforward with Cena/Rock, HHH/Brock and Punk/Undertaker for Wrestlemania and mixing things up with three-ways and such would really be a waste of time.  It's already going to be the biggest money show in history, why take the chance?