Guilty Pleasures

Hey Scott,

What are some of your guilty pleasures in wrestling? This could be a particular wrestler, match, angle, etc.
Personally, mine is the Survivor Series match with several wrestlers playing the part of Doink (Men on a Mission and such). A friend of mine coined the term “Bizarrecore” because it was just so ridiculous. Similarly, I enjoy the Oddities vs. Kaientai match for the same reason. Are they good? Oh, LORD no. I agree with the star rating you’ve given each. But I can’t help be entertained by them.
It’s probably the same reason why I enjoy Chikara so much, though at least there, the quality of wrestling is much higher.

Oh man, there's nothing I love better than constantly breaking into the house of someone who has a restraining order out on me and then getting arrested for it multiple times.  

Sorry, that's Tammy Sytch, my mistake.
Anyway, although the matches you listed above are utter b------- and you should be ashamed of yourself for even admitting to watching them, I've always been a proponent of the sub-genre I dubbed "entertaining crap".  This would fall under the category of WCW's garbagy ECW-style brawls like the DDP/Kanyon/Benoit stuff, or the Vince Russo-booked hardcore 24/7 rule Crash Holly series.  I'm also an unabashed mark for silly Memphis comedy angles and the ridiculous stuff that they'd have the Cornette/Dangerously/Bruno types parade out to challenge Jerry Lawler with.  
By the way, on a related note, apparently Are Your Serious has been cancelled, inasmuch as a YouTube show can be cancelled.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Guess that million dollar Youtube partnership isn't quite working out to be the cash cow that either side hoped for.  Frowny face.