Road to Wrestlemania Monday Night Open Mic

We’ve made it to the Road to Wrestlemania!

Get your sign-pointing hand ready, sit back and enjoy a few weeks of quite possibly decent RAWs.

Not going to say much I didn’t say in the forums. I liked the ADR-Big Show match, love the fact that a babyface ADR isn’t a moron. Liked the Rumble match because Dolph and Jericho were all-world pace setters and the final six action was good stuff. With Cena, Ryback and Sheamus in the final three I thought that was an optimal place for a Shield run-in, if just to extend the segment by having a crazy brawl that either eliminated a guy or laid them all out.

The title match, eh styles make fights and I’m rarely one to say one guy succeed and the other guy failed. It’s a dance, both partners have to execute for it to work. Punk and Rock had a disjointed dance that looked like it could recover but there was a table breaking unexpectedly and a ill-timed run-in that stopped it. I expected more, I hope they do it again next month to be honest.

So come out swinging and keep it clean.