Hopeful Link


I am a long time reader of your rants, back from 1997-1998, so, Wrestle Maniacs, I guess?

Anyway, I actually wrote a few articles on WrestleLine WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day, and had a website in the heyday of wrestling, 1998-2000. Your description of Van Hammer's "Leather Jacket of Discomfort" was the lynchpin for my readership for years. Go fig, Hammer becomes a draw. Anyway.  Literally I wrote like three articles for them. Anyway, almost fifteen years later, I started a blog a few months ago. Not exclusively wrestling, there is a bunch of baseball and football. But my bread and butter writing is pro wrestling. I would appreciate a link on your site if possible, marianosaves.wordpress.com (Yankee fan). An example of my writing, which applies mostly to non wrestling fans can be found here http://marianosaves.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/top-three-royal-rumble-world-championship-matches/. I am looking for any traffic i can get.

And that, friends, is a poorly written paragraph.

Well they can't all be winners. Even Van Hammer.