Smackdown – January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013
Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, California
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before the Rumble and most of what we’re getting on
Sunday is set in stone. Tonight is likely going to be the final push
towards the Rumble which probably means a big brawl at the end of the
show with people being thrown over the top rope a lot. Other than
that I wouldn’t expect much more other than the weekly tag team main
event. Let’s get to it.

is going to be here again tonight to address his attack by the
HELL NO to open the show. Before they say anything though we get a
recap of the hugging celebration from Raw. JBL: “I even heard a
report that a lion was hugging an antelope on the Serengeti.” Kane
says the champions have plenty of anger in them still (Bryan: “YES!”)
and they’ll prove that on Sunday when they retain the titles (Bryan:
“YES!”) and then he’s going to win the Royal Rumble (Bryan:
talks about how many Rumbles he’s been in and his eleven
eliminations, but Bryan chops his legs off by saying “Yeah, but
you’ve never won the match.” That sums up the argument against
Kane for Mr. Royal Rumble in one sentence. Bryan says that he’ll win
and an argument breaks out, which draws Big Show to the ring. Show
says HELL NO has a 1/30 chance of winning the Rumble while Show has a
100% chance of getting his title back.
points out that he beat Show for the title last year (it was the year
before that) but Show yells him down. He says that he’ll beat both
of the champions which makes Kane stand up to the Big Show. This
brings out the Rhodes Scholars with Sandow talking about how Kane and
Big Show are underestimating others in the Rumble like Goliath
underestimated David.
proposes an alliance with Big Show to take out HELL NO. Cue Del Rio
but before the brawling can start, Booker makes a six man tag main
event. Oh and it’s elimination rules. Show charges at Del Rio but
gets his leg kicked out and the Scholars run, sending Show to the
floor as well.
vs. Wade Barrett
does WWE insist on giving us the same match six or seven times in as
many weeks sometimes? They slug it out to start with Sheamus getting
two off a clothesline. Wade comes back with a dropkick of all things
for the same result and we head to the floor for a bit. As they come
back in Sheamus loads up the forearms in the ropes but Wade comes
back with a guillotine on the ropes and a big boot to send Sheamus to
the floor.
take a break and come back with Sheamus getting clotheslined to the
outside again. As Barrett pounds away on him as he comes back in,
Sheamus comes flying back in with the slingshot shoulder. Now the
ten forearms hit and a Regal Roll gets two on Wade. The Irish Curse
gets two but Barrett blocks White Noise. Sheamus goes up top only to
get slammed down to the mat and superkicked down for two. Barrett
goes to the middle rope and jumps into Sheamus’ boot but he blocks
himself before he connects. Sheamus trips him down though and hits
White Noise for no cover. The Brogue Kick finishes clean at 7:48
shown of 11:18.
C+. The usual hard hitting
match here from these two but how many times can we see these two do
the same stuff over and over again? Also nice job of having your IC
Champion job clean yet again. I know it’s a worthless point anymore
but for goodness’ sake can you go a little while between their
on Rock being attacked by the Shield on Monday.
and Punk are here.
vs. Rosa Mendes
Primo, Horny and Khali are all on commentary here. Rosa takes Nattie
down to the mat with a headscissors as JBL makes short people jokes.
A hair pull puts Natalya down again and it’s off to a modified bow
and arrow hold. Primo asks if we can focus on the match instead of
JBL’s show as Rosa gets to the rope to avoid the
Sharpshooter. Rosa dances in the ring so Horny dances on the table.
The distraction is enough for Natalya to hook the Sharpshooter for
the submission at 2:46. I think this was supposed to be funny.
are Punk and Heyman with something to say. The champion talks about
how everything that’s coming up is just the surface that he’s about
to scratch. However, one thing can make 432 days go up in smoke, and
that’s…..not The Rock. Actually it’s the Shield that Punk is
worried about because of the stipulation that Vince put into place on
Raw. Heyman pulls out a letter that states if the Shield interferes,
Punk loses the title. Punk talks about how The Shield is a threat to
his title reign because he has no control over them.
champion calls The Shield to the ring and says he’s not leaving until
they come to the ring. Cue The Shield who Punk preaches to as usual.
He talks about how he’s going to beat Rock on Sunday in the biggest
match of his reign. He’s never asked for or needed Shield’s help
because he’s the best in the world. The Shield surrounds the ring so
Punk picks up the chair he was standing in, causing the trio to back
down and head through the crowd.
says that’s how the champ takes care of business and on Sunday you’re
going to see him take care of The Rock. On Sunday Punk is going to
prove that he’s the best in the world and the greatest of all time.
He says it again and here’s Rock to a huge ovation. Rock says that
he doesn’t care about the Shield because his boot is going inside
Punk on Sunday. There’s clearly an audio edit as Rock says this so
maybe he flubbed the line.
Sunday Rock is going to wrap his arm around Punk’s chest, lift him in
the air, and then time will stand still. At that point the thought
in Punk’s head won’t be about how he’s the WWE Champion or the best
in the world, but only that it’s over. The Rock has promised that
he’s going to end Punk’s reign and on Sunday, it’s over, if you smell
what The Rock is cooking. This was AWESOME and has me really wanting
to see the match for the first time.
McIntyre vs. Randy Orton
pounds him into the corner to start but Orton hits a bit harder to
take over. There’s the powerslam followed by the backbreaker, but as
Orton loads up the Elevated DDT, Mahal runs in for the DQ at 1:06.
He didn’t touch anyone but it’s a DQ anyway. All three 3MB members
get RKO’s. Was there really a need to protect Drew McIntyre there?
Miz vs. Darren Young
is on commentary here. Young pounds away to start and gets two off a
fast clothesline. We hit the chinlock in about twenty seconds as
Cesaro talks about Albert Einstein. Young pounds away in the corner
but Miz comes back with left hands in the same corner. There’s the
running clothesline as Titus keeps blowing the whistle. Miz gets
sick of it and kicks him in the head before hitting the top rope ax
handle. The Finale is countered and the Figure Four ends this at
1:54. The Figure Four was at least passable this time but Miz still
doesn’t need to be using it.
By The Numbers. I love this.
Hall of Famers who have competed in the Rumble
main events of Wrestlemania those HOF’ers have competed in
losing entrants
eliminations by Shawn Michaels, a record
eliminations by Kane, good for second place
consecutive Rumbles for Kane
eliminations by Kane in 2001
that has competed in the Rumble, or over 100 tons or 457 Big Shows
people that have attended the Rumble
that Rey Mysterio stayed in the 2006 Rumble, another record
wins for Austin, the most ever
seconds that Warlord lasted in 1989
second that Santino lasted in 2009
is the number of wins for both #1 and #30
is the number of wins for entrant #27, the most ever
of winners that win a world title at Wrestlemania
NO/Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show/Rhodes Scholars
is elimination rules ala Survivor Series. Rhodes and Albeto start
things off with the champion flipping out of a wristlock and hitting
a headscissors out of the corner. A BIG kick to Cody’s head gets two
and it’s back to the armbar. Off to Sandow vs. Bryan with the latter
firing off a bunch of kicks before it’s off to Kane for a chokeslam
to eliminate Sandow at 2:19.
Show comes in and is immediately pounded into the corner by Kane. A
running DDT gets two and there’s the top rope clothesline followed by
a regular clothesline to put both giants on the floor. Kane charges
into the knockout punch and is eliminated by countout at 3:40. Big
Show counting along with the referee is a nice touch. We take a
break and come back with Bryan fighting out of some hold by Cody as
Big Show offers encouragement to Rhodes. Didn’t they use to hate
each other?
hooks a bow and arrow hold but Bryan escapes pretty quickly.
Simultaneous cross bodies put both guys down but Big Show gets the
tag before Daniel can make one. Bryan fires off kicks to escape a
chokeslam and takes out Big Show’s leg. He goes up top but jumps
into a chop before being sent over the top. Bryan skins the cat but
walks into the KO punch to send him to floor for another countout
(and count from Big Show) at approximately 10:00.
Alberto alone vs. Big Show and the giant knocks him out to the floor
for a nine count. Del Rio gets back in but slides back to the floor
to get himself a breather. Show throws him back in so Alberto kicks
him to the outside for the third countout of the match at
approximately 12:00. So it’s down to Cody vs. Del Rio with Rhodes
jumping Alberto from behind. Alberto comes back with a bunch of
clotheslines and a superkick for two. The corner enziguri is enough
for the pin though at 10:02 shown of 13:32.
C+. The countouts were a nice
idea but having three of them was probably too much. It is good to
have the guys in the title match square off before the title match
though and having Del Rio get a countout win is probably the best
thing they could have done. This was a pretty good idea although
more of the tag teams interacting would have been nice.
match Big Show lays out Alberto and covers him with the announce
table just like Alberto did to him. Show counts to ten in both
English and Spanish for good measure to end the show.
B-. This show was all
about setting up the Rumble and I can’t fault them there. The world
title matches were well pushed and we covered the Rumble itself back
on Monday. The wrestling here was the weakest part of the show and
even that wasn’t all that bad. The show show didn’t add anything new
but it did a good job of reenforcing what was already there. Pretty
solid but not great show here.
b. Wade Barrett – Brogue Kick
b. Rosa Mendes – Sharpshooter
Orton b. Drew McIntyre via DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered
Miz b. Darren Young – Figure Four Leg Lock
NO/Alberto Del Rio b. Rhodes Scholars/Big Show – Enziguri to Rhodes
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