BOD Daily Round-Up (1/26/13)

Sheamus admits ‘disappointment’ with Wrestlemania match with Bryan (
‘We went into Extreme Rules, I thought, as the hottest match on that
pay-per-view. I know Brock came back and everything, but I’m a firm
believer that people really wanted to see me and Bryan go head-to-head.’

1 NXT wrestler will compete in the Royal Rumble match (
‘Eight NXT stars will face off in a tournament to determine who will win a spot in the Royal Rumble Match.’

Booker T claims Harlem Heat reunion was discussed (
‘I think people would want to see it.’

@CMPunk – “you looked exhausted in the ring last night, take a nap :)”
You sound so stupid. Get smart.

@CMPunk – “: Still got any of those Nexus armbands laying around?”
Tons. Will be selling them on the indies in ten years.

Comment of the Day 
Scotty Flamingo sides with nostalgia on the great Todd Pettengill debate (Cult – we’ve noticed you’re working hard. Keep going and maybe it’ll be your time some day, kid):

I remember in the 90’s how much everyone hated Pettingell (Pettinzoo!!).

Now I’d love to have him back instead of Michael Cole…

On This Day…
Mick Foley as Mankind defeated The Rock in the infamous Half Time Heat match. The two competed for the title in an empty arena. (1999)

And two birthdays – Road Warrior Animal (1960), and the late great Gordon Solie (1929).

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