2012 Scott Sez


Writing in with a couple of 'mail bag' questions for the blog.

1. I've noticed that almost every 80s tag match I watch (from the WWF, anyway) was booked as two out of three falls. Was there a reason this stipulation was so popular, and if so, why did they phase it out?

Well of course back in the old days the 2/3 falls match was pretty standard for most major title matches,and I think it was just kind of a holdover from that time.  It was also a great way to get a clean win over a top guy without actually beating him.  I'm sure they just phased it out because it took up valuable Russo time.  

2. Why was Shawn Michaels so inactive during 1994? Most of the year (or at least the summer) he was on the outside as Diesel's buddy, and wasn't booked for King of the Ring, or SummerSlam (except as a corner man). Was there an issue, an injury, something? The timing just seemed odd.

Combination of all three.  He was resting up some injuries and was working without a contract for a while, then negotiated himself a pretty sweet deal where he could be a part-timer.

3. In a related question, when did the WWF decide to push Diesel as hard as they did during 1994? My understanding is that he was in danger of being let go prior to the Royal Rumble, and then suddenly he's tossing guys out like the Terminator, and gets the Intercontinental title, and King of the Ring main event a few months later. Was this all based on the crowds reaction during the Rumble, or was it part of their plans all along? Also, if he was on the way out, why let him leave looking so strong?

Yeah, far as I know Vince basically marked out for his reaction in the Rumble and decided to push him to the moon  as a result.  Plus Shawn's increasing influence probably helped.

Obviously, I know the 'answers' to some of these can only be speculation, but I respect your opinion highly.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!