Midcard mailbag

Hi Scott,

Quick one for the mailbag if it interests you.

Rumours are that WWE is looking to bring back some former midcard talent in order to bolster the roster and put over some young guys.

Who would be five guys you would throw out there that could still go and bring something to the company in their current state?

Thanks in advance,

I don't know the current physical state of all these guys, but here's my list off the top of my head:

1)  Chris Masters.  I'm pretty sure he was supposed to be Aces & Eights but just never got around to getting on TV.  He's actually really good now and would be a good addition to the IC level.  
2)  Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore.  Forget the Eugene gimmick, repackage him as some other wacky guy and he can still be of value.  He was looking kind of portly in Ring Ka King but I'm sure he could get back into form again.
3)  Rico.  Whatever happened to him?  Did he go back to being a cop? Should have been a star since he came from the Orton/Lesnar/Cena/Batista crew.  This is another easy repackage / reintroduce deal.
4)  Rob Conway.  He was always the best out of the La Resistance crew, but he just never caught on.  I'm sure he would be fine working house shows as A Guy, but then they've got plenty of Guys from NXT who they can use as warm bodies, too. 
5)  The wacky vampire dude from ECW who was that other wacky guy on Smackdown.  You know the guy.  He was getting way better by the end and then he just vanished off the face of the earth.  Vampires are all the rage now, why not give him another run?