Candidates for The Horsemen

Scott, thanks for answering one my questions a few weeks ago, so i got another one for you. In regards to my favorite and THE greatsest heel stable of all time The Four Horsemen: we all know the lineage of the group, from the good (the original group, Barry Windham, & Benoit/Malenko), the bad (Sid Vicious & Mongo), to the ugly ( Sting & Paul F'N Roma). My question is you would have liked to seen as a part of the group. For me I always thought Matt Borne would've worked as an Ole replacement, Terry Taylor when they  couldn't get Tully back and Ted Dibiase for wahtever period. You also could've thrown in an early Pillman & Austin into the group, Then  split them off into the Hollywood Blondes toward greatness. Who do you think would've made great Horsemen??

Well if "better than Paul Roma" is your baseline you're opening it up to pretty much everyone in WCW.
Flair/Anderson/Austin/Pillman would have been an interesting crew in 93, although I don't know if people would have bought it.  I think Greg Valentine was always a natural fit, as was Terry Taylor like you noted.  I think Bobby Eaton would have been totally fine as a replacement for Tully, since he had history as Arn's partner and all.  Rick Rude seems like the perfect guy as the Luger/Windham/Sid "fourth member" slot, which is probably why the Dangerous Alliance worked so well. In fact if they had done Flair/Andersons/Rude at Slamboree 93 and then split off the Rude/Flair feud from there they could have done well with it.  Certainly Rude would have been considered acceptable to replace Tully.