BOD Daily Round-Up (1/23/13)

Paul Heyman recalls the first time he saw CM Punk (
‘The first time I saw a video of CM Punk, he was wrestling in some
non-descript town on a little Indy show, and he came off like a gigantic
superstar that was appearing on this small show. It jumped out at me
how much star power he had.’

2 final episodes of TNA British Boot Camp (
‘Featuring winner Rockstar Spud’

Title match booked for Royal Rumble pre-show (
Bringing to a halt The Miz’s joyously nostalgic interview with two-time
Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Cesaro dampened the mood by
portraying the two suited former World Champions as emblematic of all
that is wrong with the United States.’

@HeymanHustle – @CMPunk @WWE The belt itself leaves a lot to be desired, but that title means EVERYTHING!

(In response to @HeymanHustle) @SteveAustinBSR – @HeymanHustle Wow. Agreed.

@ColtCabana – F---…I used to be kinda not as husky

Comment of the Day 
Dustin Harris wasn’t impressed with the news that WWE will be, somehow, a part of ‘No Name Calling Week’ (what f------ day and age do we live in now where it’s ok to name call for 358 days, but NOT one week?) in conjunction with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network:

Well, that’s gay.

On This Day…
Taz made his WWF debut at the Royal Rumble against then relative newcomer Kurt Angle, and beat him in 3 minutes. (2000)

Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert squared off in an I Quit Texas Deathmatch for Eastern Championship Wrestling. (1993)

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