BOD Daily Round-Up

Vince fucks up live promo during Raw (
‘Normally something like this would have been re-taped but that particular segment was shot live.’

Flair originally scheduled for Raw? (
‘It’s believed he would have been in the corner of The Miz again last night.’

Rey in potential absence shock horror (
He wasn’t at last night’s RAW in San Jose and as of now he’s not
expected to return by the pay-per-view. His return is still unknown.’

@RealKevinNash Congratulations to Bob Backland on HOF Thank you for what you did for me at MSG.

@TheSmackdownHotel THQ Auctioning Off Assets Today:

@Arda_Ocal Very fun infographic about the Royal Rumble:

Comment of the Day 
Andrew Barbarash gives his opinions on TNA Impact Wrestling since acquiring Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff:

I like what they are doing now and they’ve developed some fantastic
performers who for me are ‘must see’ on a weekly basis. Sure Hogan and
Bisch weren’t worth it but it has led to its present incarnation
regardless the journey, which is a consistent and entertaining show
something it was lacking for years on a regular basis anyway. I feel
people who don’t watch TNA are missing out on some fantastic wrestling
and interesting characters, shows can always be better but for me TNA
Impact is much much easier and enjoyable viewing than Raw. 

On This Day…
Chavo Guerrero Jr defeated CM Punk in a No DQ match for the ECW Title. I wonder what ever happened to that CM Punk guy… (2008)

Bret Hart and Lex Luger became the first pair to ‘draw’ in the Royal Rumble, when both men hit the floor at the same time. (1994)

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