Quick Question

Hi Scott,

I'm not really into wrestling nowadays, but I still buy Wrestlemania most years and check your blog for news now and again. 

I know it's a really blunt question, but is John Cena going to beat The Rock clean at Wrestlemania? Obviously it's never 100%, but is that likely? I ask, because it's £15 over here in the UK and I'll buy something better with my cash if that's the case. I simply don't want to see a character I've never really liked go clean over one of my all-time top three favourite wrestlers.

Also, while I'm here, what movies and TV shows have you really liked over the past couple of years? I used to really like your thoughts on 24, Friends, Family Guy, etc. but you don't seem to blog as much about this stuff anymore.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Cena is getting his win back at Wrestlemania, sorry.
TV-wise, I'm halfway into season four of Buffy on Netflix, and I'm also starting Community and laughing my ass off. My DVR schedule generally has Parks & Recreation, Big Bang Theory, Don't Trust the B—, New Girl (my current favorite show on TV) and the annoying awesome Vampire Diaries.  KLAUS~!